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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Dirty Hair Days - Update #3

If you are just tuning in, these posts may help you catch up with My Dirty Hair Days experiment, though it isn't REQUIRED READING. I'm almost halfway through the experiment now!

In the beginning...they didn't wash their hair (not the real title of the post but it's true...)

I told Kris last night that I thought my hair was actually getting softer. He said "It is. It's also getting bigger." Ha! It is though! I've always had really thick hair. I used to have people all the time tell me they envied my hair, I assume because it was always so thick and full. That sounds WAY more arrogant than I intended. If this fullness continues though, pretty soon I'll look a bit ridiculous!

Well, these days instead of growing longer (though I am sure it is little by little) it is growing...um...wider! It's just so much fuller now right after I dry it. I actually have to brush my hair in layers now too. I switched over to one of those boar's hair brushes and because I just don't think it gets through all the hair in one stroke, I am having to divide my hair into four sections and brush each one separately to make sure all the tangles are out and it is all lying/laying (?) smooth. I took a few more pictures tonight, though I am pretty sure the pictures don't really show any difference at all. The fullness is probably the biggest difference I can see and feel right now with having switched from shampoo to baking soda/water. It has now been 20 days since I last shampooed my hair in the traditional sense! Almost 3 weeks in means that I am halfway to my committed time of 6 weeks!

I think that I am finally starting to notice a difference...besides the fact that I haven't had to buy shampoo and conditioner in a while! As I mentioned above, it finally feels softer and it is most definitely fuller. I am able to go 3, instead of 2, days in between washing with baking soda/water now before my hair starts to look and feel like it needs to be washed. Oh and at our local grocery store here (Schnucks) I found a plastic bottle of baking soda with a lid! This is great because it means not only can I leave that in the shower at home to just add to a cup of warm water, I can also keep one in my gym bag so that I don't have to get my Ziploc bog of mysterious white powder out and have someone call the cops thinking I have some weird drug habit in the locker room at the YMCA!!!

Here are a couple of pictures! And if you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway for some of my homemade, all natural lotion!

Please forgive to goofy look on my face. It was late and I was tired! And apparently I don't really know how to smile at 11pm. At least the picture is small, so as not to frighten anyone more than necessary.

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