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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm going to rave about muffins

I'm not one to eat something low-fat or 'healthy' based off of some hippie freak telling me that it tastes good, or that it doesn't taste like dirt. Those hippie freaks are liars. OK, not really...but if you eat dirt or grass for so long, I suppose it would start to taste GOOD. But for those of us with sensitive palates who aren't used to eating tree bark, tree bark is NOT going to just immediately taste good.

Fakes will not do it for me. If it doesn't closely resemble (in look AND taste) the original fat and sugar-filled treat, I will not eat it. I love desserts, but I have my standards! If it doesn't taste good, I simply will not eat it. If only most everything I cook didn't taste good!!! ;)

I say all of that because the "muffins" I made last night during my attempt to get off my tail and do something for once! highly acclaimed (by me) Willpower Wednesday were even better for breakfast! While they are called Cinnamon Bun Muffins, to me they taste like a really rich and incredibly moist spice cake or carrot cake, both of which I happen to love. I covered them in a delicious cream cheese icing, stuck them in the fridge, and then served them for breakfast. My kids were longing for more. I kid you not. L.O.N.G.I.N.G. They LOVED these.

Have you ever given your kids a treat or a gift and their eyes have just lit up? Their faces beamed with delight? They get so excited and they just want MORE? That's what every single one of mine (my "big" kid a.k.a husband included) did! They wanted more. But the recipe only made 9.

I froze three of them for future eating so I would have something in a pinch, plus I wanted to see how they did without icing. Anyone think they would freeze OK with icing? I didn't try that because I wasn't sure. Kris and I both had one last night. That left 4. I gave Katherine a whole one to try this morning. Kat loved it and without evening wanting to know what it was or tasted like, Kaleb asked for a whole one. You have to understand...this kid does NOT do that! But I told him that they were good and he could see how much Kat was enjoying hers so he just knew he was going to love it. I actually HAD to make the younger girls share one so that I could enjoy one for breakfast myself. Selfish mother that I am! I really wished I had more to give them...they would have kept eating them.

Why am I gushing on and on about muffins? Because they are THAT good! And because I get so excited when I find a recipe for YEAST-FREE (meaning gluten AND sugar-free) food that tastes the same, if not BETTER, than the original! These are *those* muffins!

Take it from someone who won't eat food that is pretending to be the 'real' thing but actually tastes horrible. MAKE THESE MUFFINS. I'm actually hoping to make a double-batch tonight and bring them in to work tomorrow to see if anyone can even tell the difference. I'll be surprised if they can!


  1. they sound like they would be great.

  2. I made the muffins again tonight. Can't wait to ice them and let the family and friends really enjoy them. I made more this time--so I have 24, though I am sure they will be gone in no time! Probably by the end of the day tomorrow!