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Monday, May 24, 2010

Another busy Monday

I didn't have any time yesterday to write, what with the finale of Lost and all. I won't go into details or provide any spoilers. I will just say that I was satisfied with the ending to the show and feel that had they ended it any other way, I would have been upset. It wasn't cheesy or over the top, and I really appreciate that they didn't try too hard, like Seinfeld did with their finale. Today looks to be a busy day without much time to write as well, so I'm taking just a moment to check in. If you are here from Monday Madness, welcome!

The Tuckers Take Tennessee

If you want to find out a little bit more about me and my writing style, please grab a cup of coffee (or soda or whatever strikes your fancy) and sit back and chill here for a while. I'm pretty laid back, except when I am annoyed or agitated about something...which is most of the time. :-) So, in other words, I'm fairly uptight!


  1. :-) Good morning! I had fun chatting with you last night!

  2. Morning!! Me too! It was nice to have a Lost buddy to work through my feelings with! ;-)

  3. Joining from Monday Madness :) Thanks for joining in with us :) I'm now your newest follower! I can't wait to get to know you!


  4. Ha! You are too funny. So should I rent all the seasons of Lost??? Was it that good???

  5. Hmm...well...I liked LOST...but it took me all of Season 1 to like it (at first I thought it was completely stupid)...and it was not my favorite show ever. It's worth your time though I think.

  6. Cute blog!! I LOVE LOVE giraffes! I am following from Monday Madness! I would appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

  7. any Chuck followers?? I haven't been so addicted to a show since 24 first started back in .... geeze, how long ago was that??

  8. I watched Lost the first season, and then missed seasons 2 and 3, and never could get back into it. Now that it is officially over I feel kind of sad that I missed it. I see DVD rentals in my future! lol

  9. @HB-LOVE LOVE LOVE Chuck!!! Chuck and Psych are my favorites...after GLEE of course!

  10. Hi!! Visiting from Monday madness, this is my first time too :) I hope you have a great week! If you get the chance stop by and say Hi, http://www.honoringtheking.com.

  11. Thank you for participating in this weeks Monday Madness! Hope you have a fantastic week!

    Micael :)

  12. Hey I just followed you on Monday Madness (even though its thursday here in New Zealand!!)