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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video - Abbey's dance recital

This video is of their first dance. The second time they did the same dance, but in reverse! That is no easy accomplishment. I'm so proud of Abbey and the other girls. You can see (or we can because we know our girl) that she is concentrating so hard that she isn't as relaxed and care-free as she normally is--but it's because she wants to do it right and this requires a great deal of focus and concentration on her part. I should mention that in case you haven't seen the other pictures, my kid is the one in the ORANGE shirt!


  1. she did a great job! I love how this is a really cool and unique form of dance.Out here when you hear dance recital it usually means little girls in skimpy clothes with makeup on. So this is the way it should be done!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I agree that this is how it should be done. Did it look like your typical 'dance recital'? No. Did it seem like a fun, free way for the kids to express themselves? Absolutely!!

  3. Fantastic!!! That is so good! Abby did GREAT! I was seriously sitting here smiling the entire time.

    I, too, really appreciate this type of dance. Mia's taking a class at a place that teaches this way too. It's so fun to see bigger kids doing it. :)

    I am so impressed! Way to go Abby!!!

  4. WONDERFUL!!! I loved it. I could see the concentration on her face, but you can tell that she is having fun.