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Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm so fickle...

I have a hard time finding something that works and then sticking with it. I'm talking about weight loss. The three things I have done in the past that I have followed through with for more than 2 weeks have been The Weigh Down Diet (I read the book), Weight Watchers, and 6 solid weeks of living yeast-free. I've tried other things and find that I just fail. I've been going through The Lord's Table online and the lessons are good, but I can't seem to make myself stick to the meal plan. So I'm back to Weight Watchers, for the gazillionth time and hoping this time around I can get over this plateau I've been on for months. Would it be best for everyone in my home if I continued eating yeast-free? Of course! Do I really believe I can do it? No. I've proven to myself that going completely yeast-free again, after allowing the sugar and gluten back into my body, is problematic. I just don't want to. I'm fickle. I need constant change. I'm weak and I love food. I'm not giving up completely on yeast-free though. I'm still going to try new recipes and try to adapt some things so that I have healthier options. But I'm just really struggling here to completely abstain from all the yeast-filled goodness that exists. Do I cringe when I eat fast food or something from a box? Yeah. And then I get over it. It's dangerous, since I am highly susceptible to yeast-overgrowth. My hope though is that I can maintain a reasonable amount of self-control and not get myself back to the extremely unhealthy place I was last fall. I now know what to watch for (with my body and how it responds to the 'bad' foods) and so hopefully I can use that as a gauge for what is OK and what isn't. I was writing a separate blog to keep track of all my weight/food 'stuff' but I am going to switch back over and just include it here, since I wasn't updating it much anyway. So any yeast-free recipes I make I'll post here. Likewise, any non-yeast-free recipes I make I will post here. I was doing Willpower Wednesday where I forced myself to get up and cook or work on other crafty projects one night a week. I want to continue that, but I think with the summer I will have to pick a different day for this. I am not sure yet what day this will become...I may have to come up with another clever name (and cute button to match)!

I'm also hoping to get back to EA Sports Active and Pilates for the Wii. Kris said until we "play" those enough we can't buy the Wii Sports Plus, so I'd better get busy! I think we are going to get rid of our Y membership to help offset the cost of tuition for the kids. So it will be important to get back to doing some sort of physical activity and I'm too much of a wimp to walk in this heat!

You know, I never did write about the scavenger hunt we had over spring break. Some of you may remember me complaining about how mad I was that some of my team's photos were losing to Kris' team. My team lost the scavenger hunt. As a refresher, here is the post where I first talked about the best day I've ever had with my kids: Grr....

The link to the scavenger isn't valid anymore for voting...but you can see the results (if you have a Facebook account). Some of my team's pictures won, but overall, Kris' team got more votes. Next year though...I'm determined...and I've learned how people vote. So hopefully we'll have more of a chance. Although, considering the amount of awesome people who voted, it was actually a pretty close competition. The final score was Pink Lightning (me, Kaleb and Livvy): 841 and Fast Thunder (Kris, Kat, and Abbey): 1019. Those are individual votes. We each had 25 pictures that were judged-so to have that many votes was pretty incredible.

Thinking about this scavenger hunt leaves me longing for vacation next year. We are all so excited to do this all over again. Next to our Christmas ornaments (see this post from 2008 for more details), it's my favorite family tradition! I still need to make the certificate showcasing the winning team so that we can proudly display it in our home. I'm hoping to work on that this evening.

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  1. Hope you figure out what works for you. This is my first time on Weight Watchers, it seems to be doing the trick. I can tell as the days go by that I am getting more lax with the points though.