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Monday, May 3, 2010


OK, so I realize the first question you may be wanting to ask is "WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU EVEN WATCHING THE TV GUIDE CHANNEL?" Um...to see what is on TV? And I probably would have turned the channel if I had not heard the following:

"Motherhood never looked so good--right now on Hollywood's Hottest Mom."

Are you kidding me???

So, now not only am I not ever going to be that beautiful supermodel, flaunting a size ZERO with the perfect breasts, the perfect hair, and the perfect clothes...

Now I have to compete with Hollywood hotties to be a MOM?

The statement "Motherhood never looked so good" just pisses me off. I know that is a harsh word for some of you and I apologize if it offends, but being a plain-looking, overweight mom, it infuriates me that even mothers are expected to live up to this Hollywood expectation. Oh and just in case anyone is curious, Gwen Stefani is the 'coolest' mom. So, that's what I have to compete with to be cool? I'm so angry right now. Thanks a lot Hollywood. Now I feel even worse about myself and my imperfect body. Way to go!!! Way to teach young girls that not only do they have a lot to live up to just to be a "beautiful woman"; now they have to meet certain expectations to be viewed as a beautiful mother as well. Well. Done.

Oh and I'd also like to tell you [Hollywood] thanks a lot for making me feel like my kids may as well be dressed in a trash bag since I don't buy them $500 designer dresses or $45 custom high heels. High heels for a three year old? Really?

It's time to watch a little Guy Fieri talking about new dives and have a bowl of ice cream. I'll leave you with this preview...


  1. I totally get where you're coming from on this one. I remember talking to a girlfriend when I was like 8 months pregnant, and we could not believe what Heidi Klum had worn to some awards show like 1 week before she gave birth. Hollywood moms make you feel totally inadequate, they wear high, high heels walking into the hospital to give birth, and they come out in their skinny jeans. Also, I've totally sat down and actually watched the stupid shows they play on the TV Guide channel. One time they had a Flavor of Love marathon and I couldn't help myself.

  2. oh no! The world is messed up. And I think you are beautiful!

  3. Mrs. Patterson...since we are admitting things...I took have watched the TV guide channel by choice. ;) What's that show with the guy from the Brady Bunch with his girlfriend? Yeah, I've watched that.

    And while the language is AWFUL, I have to admit that I am looking forward to (and it's sad that I know this!) watching Curb Your Enthusiasm that is going to be coming to the TV guide channel.

    Braley Mama, you're wonderful and too sweet. Thanks! :-)

  4. Jamie, this is EXACTLY why I started my website. Hollyweird will always do their best to make women feel as insignificant as possible so they will go out and spend the $500.00 for Paris Hilton's latest dress. Or $8000.00 to have Jennifer Aniston's breasts. This is NOT the way life should be.

    I have known you for a very long time Jamie, and always thought you were a very sweet and beautiful person. You are the way God made you, and to Him there is nothing more precious and more beautiful. Like I need to tell you that though. You already know that. It just breaks my heart that women have to watch that crap. Consider that Gwen Stefani is a multi millionaire and more than likely paid someone to starve her to death so she could get her 13 year old girl figure back. Do I think she's pretty? Meh...Do I think she's the coolest mom? NO! That is my children's mom. I think she's the coolest!

    I know I'm rambling, but I hope that someone might read this and find some truth in what I've said. It doesn't matter what size jeans you wear, what your bra size is, or even how tall, short or thin you are. You are the most beautiful creation that God has ever made. God claims ownership over everything on this earth. Including us.

  5. I am married to the hottest mom. You just weren't featured on the show because you're not in Hollywood.

  6. Thanks Kris! That was an unexpected and very appreciated compliment! I love you and I love that you take the time to read my blog.