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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you ready?

Tomorrow is Friday Funnies! Who's with me?? Let's try to get more than TWO participants this week! ;-)


Write down something funny or unusual your kid says or does.

Link up.

Check out some of the other funny stories.

There's no pressure or obligation to follow, though you are more than welcome.

I'll get the link up and ready; it'll be up at midnight, CST.

Let's talk for a minute about my indulgence in The Bachelorette. I just started watching it, as I settle in to log in to work. Tomorrow is my first summer day home with the kiddos, trying to work. So I am hoping to get a few productive hours in tonight so that tomorrow will be easier.

Oh my gosh, I already hate Justin the professional wrestler!! Rated-R? Really?? Totally NOT impressed with him. He loves his grandma to death--I'm a little creeped out right now!

I'm a sap for people who have lost loved ones. So, I like this guy, Phil, whose brother died. He seems like a nice, sweet guy. He looks familiar...but I can't pinpoint who he looks like.

Mr. Weatherman...no thanks. Jonathan...he says he's 30 but he looks like he is about 12. He's just a baby.

I can't tolerate Ty and his dog. Newly divorced and ready to jump into a long-term relationship. I just didn't like that he told his dog he might bring a new mom home...

I like the guy whose mom died...I think I will always root for anyone who has come through the loss of a loved one.

These guys are all sitting around like they watched The Bachelor as it was going on. Do you really think they sat around watching it when it aired, or do you think they watched it around the time they were trying to BE on the Bachelorette? I don't think they watched it. It's a guilty pleasure show for me, but for guys? My husband watches a lot of shows with me that some guys would consider horrible...but he wouldn't be caught dead watching this! He has standards!

OK...I need to keep this short...I'll be back tomorrow with just a couple of funny stories. The kids didn't give me a ton of material this past week.

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