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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kids Bowl Free!!


We took the kids bowling tonight. We're participating in Kids Bowl Free this summer and let me just say that this is a pretty great deal, especially if you have your own shoes. I signed the kids up a couple of months ago. When I talked to Kris about it yesterday, combined with the fact that you can get a family pass for $24.95 which allows up to 4 adults 2 free games per day (Monday-Friday) ALL SUMMER LONG, he said "Let's do it!" So we signed ourselves up too and added my mother-in-law to our pass.

So tonight, accompanied by my mother-in-law, we all went bowling. Want to see how fancy I am? I even have my own bowling ball! Check it out...because this information will be useful later.

My super cool pink swirly ball...note the left-handed finger holes...yeah, I'm *that* cool!

This next picture is me with my bowling ball...taken for a very specific purpose:
You see, this picture is here to show you that just because you own your own bowling ball and shoes does NOT mean you are any GOOD at bowling. Don't believe me? Check it out. The top row that says 'M' - well, that stands for MOM. Those are MY scores! The game did NOT start out well...

Look at those first two frames!!! Not that the others are all that much better...
How embarrassing!

It didn't get much better by the end of the first game...
56? Really???

You think THAT is bad? Look at my kids' scores!

Kaleb: 93
Olivia (SHE'S FOUR!!!): 75
Katherine: 74
Abbey: 66

It was so NOT a good first game. At all! The second game was better, but I still just could NOT find my stride. Here is the outcome of that (and I should note that on this game, I only beat Kaleb by ONE point!):

Woohoo! I got an 86! I actually managed to pull off 2-3 spares!

All in all though, we had a lot of fun. We are definitely going to try to go at least one day per week. If the kids are driving me insane or I feel cooped up this summer while I am supposed to be working, we may sneak out to bowl a couple of games, just for a change of pace! It may be necessary for ALL of us!

Want to see how adorable my kids are with their bowling balls? I know you do! Wait...I should specify...my kids don't have their own balls...not yet anyway...


  1. What a great deal! That sounds like so much fun and your kids are adorable!!

    I'm terrible at bowling too!

  2. We are going to the one out in Florissant. There is one in Fenton-not sure about the others but the hours for the one out here are from 11am-8pm.

  3. Oh what fun!! Thank you for following me!! I cannot wait to go bowling again!! I love your quote by Jim Elliot, too!! :-D

  4. Hi Jamie! I'm following you back! :) I'm going to email Amanda so she can get in touch with you. I know that she has more on her blog http://missmom2u.blogspot.com/ so if you stop by you can read a little more! :)

  5. Thanks Kim. I must have been tired when reading your blog or I would have known it was a guest post!! I left her a comment on her blog and am following her now.

  6. Thanks for following me. Following you back :)

  7. My kids brought home a flyer about free bowling as well. I haven't looked into it yet...I will have to. Summer is soon approaching and we will need some things to do!!!
    Thanks for following! I am following you as well.

  8. Ya that would be my score too. :) Actually you'd probably beat me. Great deal though! I love bowling (used to do it a lot when I was younger) even though we've only gone once in 10 years!....maybe that's why I suck :)