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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm a winner!

So, I've mentioned before that I didn't know anything much about giveaways and blog prizes, etc...

This past week, not even knowing that I had a chance to win something (I'm sure it pays to read the instructions in their entirety!), I wrote a post about my "whoopsie" moment, (when my kids were all home and I was at work because I didn't know they had a half day) as part of Mother's Day Mania. I liked the topic and had a good story to tell, and so I participated. So imagine my surprise when I saw this at My Little Life:


How cool is that?!?

I'm going to give you a brief (YES I do know how to keep something brief!) update on my hair. It's not an official update so it doesn't get its own post. I was able to go 3 days this time between washing my hair. I had two normal (not to mention decent) hair days, then was able to put my hair in a pony tail today without it looking oily or greasy!!! The reason I say this is because usually the day after washing my hair, there is no hope except for it to go up in the pony tail. But I washed it last on Sunday morning (w/just baking soda & water). I dried/straightened it, and had a pretty good hair day yesterday. I was able to wear it down all day too which was HUGE. Normally I can't stand the way it feels down on the second day. But I last ALL day without the urge to pull it back once. To me, this is an indicator that it is indeed getting healthier. I made it through today with my hair up and then washed it at the Y, as you will see expounded upon below.

We went back to the Y tonight. We haven't gone in at least 3 weeks I believe. I was planning to tackle the evil elliptical tonight but they were all taken, so I took that as a sign that I should just take it easy and stick to the bike!!! I lasted 25 minutes. My chiropractor nixed all the upper body weights until he gives me the go ahead and all of the leg machines were taken so I went down to the showers. I tell you this because this was the first time I've been to Y since I stopped using shampoo on my heart. Yes, that says heart. Everyone loves a good laugh at someone else's expense, so I am leaving my typo. I have NO idea what I was thinking when I typed that except that I was clearly out of it!!! I meant my HAIR!! I have not, nor will I ever attempt to use shampoo on my heart!! So I had to come up with some way to transport my baking soda mixture. It wasn't easy. I found that unlike the vinegar mixture, if I make it up ahead of time and store it in a container, it just doesn't work as well. So taking it already mixed up just wasn't an option. My little travel shampoo bottle was wet and so I didn't want to put baking soda directly in there. I wound up pouring some baking soda into a plastic (ziploc) baggie. Let's just hope that my gym bag never gets searched. I imagine I'd be in a bit of trouble for that until they test it and find out that it actually is NOT cocaine! I can see it now...

Tonight I discovered Chefs vs. City.

It's like Amazing Race...but centered around food!!! How great it that?!? I get bored with The Amazing Race, though I do enjoy it from time to time. However, I really like Chef vs. City on The Food Network. Why can't Food Network shows come on Hulu???


  1. Hi! Congrats!

    I'm following you back!!

  2. Hi there! I'm following you back!! Thanks for stopping by, the comment and the follow! Congrats on your win!!! :)

    Glenda @ Me and Mine in a Small Town

  3. following you back, i am so glad you won a calandedr from Mama M

  4. Hi there. I'm following you back. Thanks for visiting.
    Congrats on the win. I recently won my first giveaway. It's so fun isn't?

  5. yippy!!!! You won!!! I never won anything before I started blogging. But now I have won like seven things. It is amazing how much you can win in blog contests!!!! I washed my hair with regular shampoo. I think I need to read up on what to do, because my hair was soooo dry. Have a great day!

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