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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Musical

My kids participated in their school's spring musical on Thursday night. It was great! Before I had kids (I apologize in advance to my mother-in-law, Cindy), we went to these programs, because Cindy is a teacher and asked us to come. We would go to the programs or her kids' graduations and I'll be honest with you. These bored me to tears! OK...not quite to tears. But I was really bored and thought "I sure hope this is better when I have my own kids."

I was not disappointed. Every time the kids have a program, I get so excited to watch them. This year we had two kids with their own special parts. I managed to get them on video through my digital camera, so hopefully the sound will work so I can brag on them! Kaleb had a "solo". He technically wasn't singing...he got to lip sync. What was so funny about his part is that the voice he was lip syncing was a really LOW voice. He did SO good acting like he was really singing. The audience LOVED it! I was SO proud watching him and hearing the audience laugh, as they were meant to!

Katherine was part of the third grade and up program. She was a "Newspaper Barker". You know how kids used to wander through the streets yelling the news and trying to sell their newspapers? That is the part she had. She looked SO cute in her costume!! And she did a GREAT job on her part also. I was a little disappointed because they didn't have her mike on in the very beginning but I got enough on the video that you could hear part of her lines. Standing up there, she reminded me of an American Girl or something from the 20's (or whatever decade it's really supposed to be since I am horrible with any subject that isn't spelling/grammar history!)

Here are some pictures and then the videos will follow.

Katherine before the musical-for some reason I get the best smiles from her when she isn't trying. She's trying in this one. :-)

The Always Adorable Abbey

Kaleb with one of his buddies

Olivia with one of her friends (mine's the one on the right)

See the kid in the costume? That's mine! Isn't she cute?

Here's a clearer picture of her-she took her hat off for this 'scene'

I love that my kids go to a school where THIS is OK!

In case you're wondering (because I'm SUUUUURE you are-insert sarcasm here-), that's NOT Jesus-in-the-flesh

He has risen INDEED!

And this one? This is Olivia, protesting because it wasn't time to go yet...at one point when they started singing another song, she sighed really loudly. I just laughed!

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