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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Short and sweet...

Are you going to participate in Friday Funnies this week? It's not too late to listen for those adorable things your kids say and jot them down. On Friday, I will have the link up so you can link your posts and join in with me! I have some great stories this week. I love that my kids can provide me (and a handful of you) minutes of entertainment! I want to hear what your kids are saying and doing too, so get those posts ready!

Are you entered into my lotion giveaway yet? You still have until June 1. Check it out. It's not a fancy, high-end giveaway...but it's homemade, safe for your skin and it's...well...it's FREE!

GLEE was AWESOME this week...at the very least, it was the BEST episode yet...musically. Between Piano Man and Dream On...AWESOME. Absolutely incredible! I cannot wait to own season 1 so that I can watch it all over again when I am down. Or when I am happy. Or whenever I want!


  1. Thanks for following me :) I have heard how great GLEE is but I have yet to see it. Maybe this summer when all the reruns are on, Ill have to get the dvd.

  2. ::sigh:: you become my soul sister with every post I read :) I ADORE GLEE! And yes, it was the best episode of the season, so far, but what else could you expect from NPH?

    I am going to look for that giveaway now.

  3. I was so excited for Glee...and then my satellite went out. So mad, I'll have to watch online!

  4. We always watch Glee online...www.hulu.com. My favorite place to watch my shows!

  5. Like your new button!
    I left you somethin on my blog :)