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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Funnies with Jamie

I promise I'll create a new button for this soon! One that looks a lot better!

It's Friday again. I LOVE Fridays. It seems like the perfect day to sit back and laugh. Right? The idea here is to collect the funny (or off-the-wall) things your kids/grandkids/friend's kids say throughout the week and then write one post so that we can all enjoy a little laughter as we close out the week!

Livvy asked me one evening this week if she could have an unopened water bottle. Usually this is a BIG "no-no" in our house. Don't get me wrong. We truly do love our kids. However, we are not wasting a full, unopened ICE MOUNTAIN water bottle on their food-filled, slobbery mouths!! When my son read this he told me I was mean. But of course, that's his general response to almost anything I say, so I ignored it. I know that I am making enemies in two camps.

1. The camp that hates waste and water bottles and all things bad for the environment. To you, I humbly apologize and emphasize that the bottle says it's recyclable!

2. The camp that thinks I'm selfish and mean and should allow my kids the joy of an unopened water bottle. To you I say "You're exactly right...about the selfish part!"

We take Ice Mountain very seriously around here. We offer them freely and without question to our guests (unless we're down to the last 2-those we hide way back where no one can see them and apologize to our guests for being 'out'); but our children are perfectly content (OR SHOULD BE) with filling a cup up with water from the tap! Our tap water is actually very good, but Kris and I find that we drink more water when it is easily accessible and cold, versus getting out the ice, putting it into the cup, turning on the tap, and then filling said cup with water. Man, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. OK, in reality, it may just be a little bit because we're so lazy health-conscious!

Anyway...when Livvy asked if she could have one, I looked at Kris and then back at Livvy and whispered "You can have one after Daddy leaves." She immediately asked me when he was going to be leaving and I told her it would still be about an hour before he left for a church council meeting. For whatever reason, it is like this great privilege and honor in our house to be allowed an unopened water bottle. What have we done to these poor little kids? Hey, we're not completely cruel. When we finish one, we do allow them to fill it up and put it in the fridge for themselves!

Livvy's eyes just lit up when I whispered my answer to her, but I told her to be quiet so that Daddy didn't hear us--because he would for sure tell her that she could NOT have a water bottle. It was decided that Livvy would get a 'new' water bottle and so she then went about her normal routine of wandering around the house, whining about not getting to play on the computer chattering NON-STOP!!! I was tempted to put "freakin" in between "non" and "stop" as this is how I would actually tell it if I were speaking, but it didn't feel right. About ten minutes later, Livvy came over to me, climbed up in my lap, and asked me "Were you just lying about that?" Of course this made me laugh and Kris is looking over at us suspiciously. I assured her that I was not lying but she had to be quiet because it was a secret and we didn't want Daddy to find out. The conspiracy continued after Kris left (though at this point he had already found out what we were planning). As Livvy was drinking her water bottle, and quite proud of herself, she told me that Daddy wouldn't even know now since she had already drank out of it. What a sneaky little girl!

After proclaiming triumph over actually getting a water bottle, she proceeded to toss her coveted water bottle down the stairs and said in a sing-song voice, "Rollin' down the stairs!" I could hear the bottle bouncing all the way down (and I cringed praying the lid was on tight!) and then her heavy footfalls following while she sang "Comin' down to get you water!"

Abbey currently as I type this is writing a song. The lyrics I have heard so far? "If a boy loves you, he will make you smile." She's explaining to me that that line is HER solo. Now the next line will be sung by her friend *Sarah*, who was mentioned a few weeks ago; apparently these two are going to sing together when they grow up.

Sarah's line is "They will give you flowers and kisses."

Abbey then sings "If a girl comes to that boy, that girl falls in love with that boy."

Sarah follows that up with "It is so romantic they will get kids."

Abbey's next line is "But are they still babies? What do you think?"

And Sarah finishes it off with "But they are still babies that stink."

Hey look she threw a rhyme in there too!

Wow. We may need to work on explaining "the birds and the bees" a little better with that one. I do admit that I am a little worried about my 7-year-old lovestruck little girl! However, I know that my mom was also worried about me at this age (as I was the exact same way-dreaming of boys and babies), and I think that for the most part (all the CRAZY aside) I turned out alright!

Now it's time for a random encounter with Livvy (who loves to lie play tricks):

Livvy: Is trickin mean?
Me: It can be.
Livvy: When we do bad trickin? I never do that!

On the drive home from school on Monday, Kaleb asked if I could turn my book off (I'm currently in book 3 of the Wheel of Time series) because he didn't like listening to it. I did the usual eye roll to signify my annoyance with his annoyance and switched over to the music on my MP3 player. I have a variety on here, as do most people with Ipods and MP3 players. The two Glee soundtracks that are available right now from the first half of season one are on there and that song "Bust Your Windows" was playing. It's a nice, upbeat song. Gets you bopping your head and wanting to sing along. Right? Wrong. For Livvy anyway. Instead her comment was "This song is for when it's scary outside." Um...what?

Cute comment from Abbey shortly after being told she "could have done better" - "No one's weird. They're just different."

Taken out of context, hearing my son say "Who would want to give us crabs?" was a bit odd I'll admit. We were at Long John Silvers. They had put some fried something or other in with their meal and I told them maybe it was crab. Thus his comment...

Katherine told me the other day "We're hippie freaks. It's your fault we're hippie freaks!" I assume this is because of the new diet and the lotion!

We heard and saw fire trucks and an ambulance. Kaleb said "Fire trucks? Where's the fire?" Because I had seen the ambulance too I told him that someone could just be hurt. Abbey then said "Someone could be dead."

Ahh...I love my kids!

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