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Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Dirty Hair Days: Update #1

Before I give you "My Dirty Hair Days" report, I WANT to win this giveaway! This is the third time I have seen someone receive and then review this Flat-Iron and it's pink. And I'm jealous! Therefore, I MUST have it (and this will only happen by winning a giveaway) and with being placed on a tight budget (thanks a lot husband financial manager!), I won't ever be able to buy it! I'm new to all of this giveaway stuff, but this is a product that I want, that I am actually willing to blog about, in the hopes that I could actually win. So, faithful followers, join me in hoping I win this!! It will really make my soon-to-be-healthy hair look even more beautiful!! :-)

That being said...


My name is Jamie.

And I have a confession:

It's been 5 days since I last shampooed my hair.

If you're new to this blog and already thinking "That's disgusting!", it may be beneficial to see WHAT I am doing and WHY here.

Oh and since no one gave me any suggestions for what to call this whole thing (since I hate "no 'poo") --DON'T WORRY, I FORGIVE YOU--I'm going to call it "My Dirty Hair Days".

Now let's talk about my hair. Today I noticed that it has some oil at the very top, but not much at all. I only noticed it when I went to run my fingers through my hair. HOWEVER, I should point out that while I scrubbed my scalp good in the shower this morning, I did not use the baking soda mixture this morning. The last (and only) time I used the baking soda was Thursday morning. My hair did great yesterday--looked and felt like it normally does--dry, unruly and unkempt:

So what have I learned from this experiment thus far? Well, I probably should use the baking soda mixture every other day, at least in the beginning while I am in this transition phase to help reduce the oily feel.

The great news? Since Tuesday (my last shampoo), I have not had ONE day that my scalp has itched. At. All. Usually after the second day of not shampooing, my scalp gets itchy and I can't tolerate it. Not so (yet?) in this experiment.

Oh, and I did go ahead and give the vinegar/water mixture a try. Because everything I read indicated you shouldn't use the vinegar solution more than twice per week, I have only had a chance to use it once on my own hair (more to come about using it on my girls' hair). I will most likely use it again in the morning...maybe do a Sunday/Wednesday thing. I have extremely thick hair that hangs below my shoulders, and is annoyingly oddly curly for the first time EVER, so the tangle-factor is always on my mind. I was admittedly worried that by NOT using 'real' conditioner my hair would be a nightmare to brush through. However, I am happy to report that there was only a slightly noticeable difference in the amount of tangles, and I do believe that as time goes on, that will lessen. And I also decided to add some essential oil to it. I LOVED Bath & Body Works "Sandalwood Rose" lotion and shampoo they USED to make. Of course, you know they will discontinue anything you like, which is sadly what happened with that. So on Thursday I found a little shop downtown that sells essential oils and bought both Sandalwood and Tea Rose oils and added a few drops of each to my vinegar mixture. The result was a wonderfully sweet and pleasant scent! Having read on a blog that someone else keeps their 'conditioner' in a spray bottle in the shower, I have now done the same thing. I have yet to read whether or not you can make up a larger amount of the baking soda/water mixture and store it in the bathroom as well. I suppose that all I really need to do is get another spray bottle, mix it up and see what happens.

I had intended to write this update about 4 hours ago. But we had company over tonight and I am just now getting to it. And because of the late hour (or early I suppose depending on how you look at it), I believe that this post isn't really very lively at all, primarily because I am not very lively. Secondarily it is likely because I am boring to everyone but myself! :-)

So there you have it. I'll write another update in a few days specifically concerning "My Dirty Hair Days". Because I like my new name for this experiment, and my obsession as of late with Gimp, you may or may not be seeing a new button in the next week for this. When I find something that I enjoy (apparently Gimp and graphic design these days), I tend to get a little carried away, so just bear with me here! I'll eventually stop making buttons for every little thing. Maybe. But probably not.


  1. i tried the baking soda, vinegar thing yesterday. my hair feels softer, but i did poor a bunch of the vinegar straight on my head. I just wanted to try this without really reading much about what to do:O) glad to hear you are no longer itching!!:O)

  2. hi from the mbc! i have oily hair so i might have to try this...