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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To wash or not to wash?

I think that there might be something wrong with me. I fear that I might be turning into quite the hippie these days. First the attempts to give up foods containing yeast or contributing to yeast growth, then the attempts (starting tonight) to make my own chemical-free, scented lotion. I swore I would NEVER be one of *those* people!! You know, those weirdos. Those freaks. Those "I worship Mother Nature and am creepy" people. Not me. No WAY!!!

Yet here I sit, after having spent at least 2 hours throughout the course of this day, researching a more natural approach to hair care. I'm scaring myself really. I can feel myself changing, giving in to some of these alternative ideas. These pre-1900 ways. So what's the deal you ask?

Here's the deal.

No 'poo.

I absolutely HATE the way that sounds and that is the only time I will refer to this in that way. We're going to call it something else. Something a little more tasteful and less pun-ny (new word I just made up-feel free to steal it and use it at will). I'm open to suggestions on what this 'project' should be named.

As I am new to reading other people's blogs (prior to the UBP 2010 I wrote my own, for myself and read a couple blogs written by close friends), this whole idea of NOT using shampoo and conditioner was completely new to me. And absolutely ridiculous. <--Real word, and probably my most OVERUSED word! It's really rather ridiculous how ridiculously often I use the word ridiculous. See how ridiculous annoying that is?

I'm embracing change. I'm taking a leap and giving this weird no shampoo thing a try. Who's with me? I bet some of you reading this are like "Oh yeah, that's been around for years." Well, it is all brand new to me. I have never heard of not using shampoo!! That's absurd. For as long as I can remember I've used shampoo and conditioner. It's just what you're supposed to do. But ever since I had baby #4, my hair has been unruly and changed. It went from full and straight and dare I say pretty...to frizzy, CURLY (???) and an outright pain. I've been saddened recently whenever I try to style my hair because it just doesn't lay or cooperate like it used to. I was told it was my hormones and getting older. Well, this is just not acceptable. Now to know that I could make a simple MONEY-SAVING change AND see some great results? It's worth a shot!!

Honestly I can't even remember how I first learned about this. I think I read a blog, that referenced another blogger, who pointed me finally to yet another blog that talked about this odd hair care technique. There were a few responses to these blog posts from people who didn't have success with their transition away from shampoo and eventually went back to what was comfortable. But overall, there seemed to be so many positive results that I can't help but think I need to try it. I decided to post something on my Facebook status about the 'no shampoo' method and wound up with a ton of comments-and from those I decided that it was my duty as a good friend and Facebook user to show my friends what this 'movement' is all about. For better or for worse, I am going to try it. Some people have indicated that it may take at least 6 weeks to see results (i.e. healthier hair), so from this day on I commit to 6 weeks minimum on this journey. So, from now until June 8th, I will be embracing this concept and will chronicle my experiences right here.

And because I know people love pictures to go along with their posts, here are some pre-hippie pictures of my hair. Oh...and if it looks like the top of my hair is a different color, that's because it is. I decided a few months ago because my husband put me on a budget and I didn't have any money to spend on coloring to stop having my hair "done". I decided to grow my hair out to its natural color and just embrace my 31-year-old graying head. Feel free to zoom in and accuse me of having no grays, but believe ME, they are there!! I think I have at least 2-3 for each kid, so while it isn't an overwhelming amount yet (that day is fast approaching), it's definitely noticeable--just maybe not in the picture.

Listed below are a few blogs/articles I came across today when I was obsessing about researching this crazy unique lifestyle.

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  1. Jamie~

    Seriously, I did this with my 10 year old a few months ago. She's always had a "rash" so a few years ago I started making my own laundry soap. Rash cleared up some but didn't totally go away. This winter I read a ton and switched her to baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Guess what? Skin cleared up more and her hair is beautiful! No tangles... just soft, silky hair.

    About once a week I do that to my hair but I'm using up all of the bottles of shampoo I had in the cupboard before I totally switch over. Just ran out of deodorant and am now using baking soda there too.

    Would love it if you would post your lotion recipe!


  2. You are a brave women! I'm anxious to know how it goes though! :)

  3. I will be posting the lotion recipe shortly (if not tonight, tomorrow after I test the lotion out) on my *other* blog: http://myyeastfreejourney.blogspot.com/
    Let me just say, the lotion was SO easy and seriously took less than 5 minutes!!

    I'm hoping it turns out!

  4. When I read your blog I feel like I am reading about me!!!! I stopped dying my hair a few months ago, to see the true color. And I am 31, and I have neck pain:O) I have never heard of this, but a few days ago I was telling my sister I have been skipping washing my hair every time I shower. I have the same problem of dry hair after babies. I need to go check out this approach. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. Braley Mama...have you ever had an MRI to see if you have any degenerated discs? I am SO glad I found this new chiro and I think good things will come. After four visits my pain hasn't lessened but from what he was telling me, my neck is so screwed up and out of place right now (and inflamed) that it will take a while to get it back in place. Once it's back where it needs to be, he can start to 'heal' my discs.

  6. I'll have to check that recipe! :)
    I left you something on my blog :)