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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Abbey the...um...unique?

My 7 year old Abbey Rose is unique. That word isn't even big enough to encompass all that Abbey is. Ever since she learned how to write and spell, she writes these notes to us. They are usually quite repetitive and center around the words she knows best. Like "I love you Mom. I like you. I love you Dad. I like you. Do you love me? Do you like me?" and so on...

Last week the kids were sitting with us in church because it was Easter Sunday. Towards the end of the service, Kris passed a note to Katherine asking if she wanted to go to O'Charleys for lunch. Of course she did-it's one of her favorite places to go! So I passed the note down for Kaleb to see and then Abbey. All of them were excited and shook their heads indicating that yes, they did want to go there. *Pastor Jeff, if you are reading this, I don't think it was actually DURING your sermon! ;)

After finding out we were going to O'Charleys, Abbey proceeded to write me a little note on the prayer request card. Oh, before she started writing she asked me how to spell "peek" though I had no idea how she was going to use that word in a sentence.

My latest little note from Abbey reads as follows:

"Don't peek at O'Charleys Mommy
because I love you and like you too.
So don't peek.
You my best mom too.
Don't peek for me ok.
Jist don't peek.
If you don't peek
you can be a Cross Bishop too.
I will tell you when you can peek.
Jist let me tell you when you can peek."

She handed it to me and after I read it, I laughed and smiled at her, all the while thinking "Man I love that little girl!" She looked at me expectantly and when I didn't say anything she said "You have to answer yes or no." So I wrote "yes" on the card even though I wasn't quite sure what I was answering yes too. And then she never mentioned it again. When we got to O'Charleys, I think she had forgotten about it because peeking never came up.

What a funny girl!


  1. This morning we went out to breakfast with my parents and Rosie used my phone to call her grandma (sitting across the table from her). While the call was still connected, she took both phones and talked to herself, with one phone on each ear. It sounded so strange! (well, of course, I had to try it too) I can't decide if I want to post about it, or if it's only funny to me... late at night...

    Isn't it wonderful the joy that these little ones put in our hearts?!

  2. Thanks for stopping by #70! LOL! It is nice to "mneet" you! Glad your following and now Im following you too! Have a wonderful week!!!