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Friday, April 30, 2010

A new thought...

So, while I don't expect it to gain in popularity enough to be a stand alone meme, I am starting something on Fridays that I am going to call Friday Funnies. If other people want to participate great! But for now, my goal is to start jotting down everything funny or quirky that my kids say through the course of the week. Sometimes I am home and on the computer and can type it quickly before my memory fades (after 5 seconds); other times I am grabbing my phone and making a note so that I can add it to this post. Granted, my kids may only be amusing to me or to those that know them, but I love hearing the things that kids say. So if you want to join in, feel free! If enough people are interested in participating, we'll make it official and turn it into a Friday meme. If not, well, at least I will be able to document all the cute things they say!

Abbey (age 7) was telling us about a dental floss show they saw at school on Monday and she suddenly (quite excited and proud) exclaimed:

"I got to get all of the bacteria off of the tongue. The tooth wizard didn't get anything off the tongue!"

Abbey also asked me on Monday night:

"Mommy when I grow up to be a Godly singer are you going to come to my concerts?"

Of course I told her I wouldn't miss it!

Speaking of singing, Abbey told me not too long ago that I sing so good (her words) that I should:

"...take a singing class. A Spanish singing class!"

So funny! I know all of three songs in Spanish and taught them to the kids--in case you're wondering where that came from.

Upon seeing the full moon on Tuesday evening, Olivia (age 4) declared:

"Mommy we get a whole moon today!"

I feel as if I should preface this one. Years ago, Kris and I stayed the night at a Days Inn near where we actually live now. It was a horrible experience. The hotel was filthy and there were questionable disgusting things in the whirlpool tub. After only being there an hour, complaining to the man on duty and getting nowhere, we left and stayed somewhere else. We had to fight them to even get HALF of our money back. We got stuck paying half of the bill even though we didn't stay so Days Inn worldwide are dead to us. It was so gross! Last week sometime Livvy told us she wanted to stay at that hotel. So we had explained to her that the hotel was gross and we would never, EVER stay there again.

So, randomly on the way home the other night Olivia said:

"We're almost home."

I asked: "How do you know?"

Her response?

"Because I see the dirty hotel!"

Seeing these and listening to my youngest ones, I wish that I had written more of this stuff down when my oldest two were younger. I missed so much when they were little! It doesn't help that when they were little I had a total of three infants/toddlers to care for all at once...

They do say funny things now from time to time, but it's just not the same. Now we get into more serious conversations, which I actually love, but documenting cute, off-the-wall things is a lot different than recounting a conversation I was forced to have with my 9 year old about sex and pregnancy, you know?

SPECIAL THANKS TO HB OVER AT MY MARRIAGE IS MY JOB FOR HELPING ME GET THE LINKY TOOLS "THING" RUNNING!! Feel free to now add your Friday Funnies post and link up here!


  1. Cute idea! I've always thought about writing down the funny things my kids say but it just never seems as funny. But its a good idea and fun to look back on :)
    You're getting pretty good with the button thing! :)

  2. Thanks! I'm not actually thrilled with this one but I wanted to have SOMETHING so I could go ahead and start this and I am at work so was trying to work quickly! Maybe sometime when I have more time I will edit it and just update this post. So many times I write what my kids say on my Facebook status but there are so many I thought I would just start collecting them throughout the week and then have one post where I 'recount' it all.

  3. This IS a good idea! I've jotted things down from time to time that my kids say, but I couldn't tell you where they are! If you want to do the linky thing, go here: http://www.linkytools.com/ and sign up. It's free. I just signed up myself. I'm going to link this post on my blog so others can get involved. (What mom in her right mind DOESN'T want to dote on her kids every Friday??!)

  4. Great! Thanks for the instructions. I actually signed up a few weeks ago but didn't know what it did...I'll try to get it up and running by tonight!

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