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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kids say the darnedest things

Too many times I want, no I need, a way to 'record' what my kids say. I can write it on here and you can possibly appreciate the humor or profoundness of what they say but what you just don't get is HOW they say it. But alas, I do not have that ability so hopefully you can appreciate the great humor in the wise words of my four year old simply by reading what she said last weekend. Sometimes I wonder what her teacher is teaching her!

Last weekend we were driving around and Livvy just started in, like she always does. That girl chatters NON-STOP. I think she adores hearing her own voice. Sometimes I want her to just be quiet for 5 seconds, but that never happens unless she is asleep and even then she chatters away...seriously! I am not sure how we got to the color pink but Livvy stated "I love pink and God more than anything else! But I don't love Satan cause he scribble scrabbles." Through fits of laughter, we pressed her to explain more about this. Oh and just so you are clear, for some unknown reason our kids have always called SCRIBBLING "scribble scrabble". So Livvy proceeds to explain to us that Satan lives in the sewers and scribble scrabbles on all of his stuff. The walls, his t.v., everything he has. I asked Livvy "Do you like Satan?" To which she responds "No, because he scribble scrabbles." Good reasoning, right?

So, if you ever have questions about good and evil or God and Satan, my 4 year old can clear things up quite simply. Satan lives in the sewers and scribble scrabbles, which of course means he is a bad, bad person.


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