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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Veggie Tales are good for the heart

I have always loved Veggie Tales. Even before I had kids. When I was in high school, my friends and I would sit around watching Veggie Tales, because we were cool like that. That being said, in honor of Top Ten Tuesday I decided to focus my top ten on my favorite Veggie Tales silly songs, complete with videos. I've done all the work for you so if you haven't experienced Veggie Tales, turn the volume up, sit back, and enjoy!

10 - Monkey

9 - The Hairbrush Song

8 - Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

7 -The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps

6 - My Baby Elf/The Elf Song

5 - The Dance of the Cucumber

4 - I Love My Lips

3 - Endangered Love

2 - Do the Moo Shoo

1 - Oh Santa!


  1. The Hairbrush song is one of our favorites! My husband sings it ALL the time to the kids, especially when the girls need to brush their hair. Love it! Thanks!!

  2. I love this list. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling young at heart today!

  3. I was gonna say the Hairbrush Song is my fave. But The Dance of the Cucumber is awesome. Pobre Tomato. And Barbara Manatee? Cannot. Get. It. Out. Of. My. Head.

    Love this list!

  4. Thank you for posting all of these. When my daughter gets up from nap, we are sooo watching them:O)Have a blessed afternoon!