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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There really IS a difference

When we've gone from one high internet speed to another, I can't tell a difference. I swear some of these companies just make up numbers and speeds and tell you it's faster so you will pay them more money. I can't tell a difference. It's either dial up or high speed. So, when my technology-loving-geek friend husband told me about Google Chrome, I was thinking "Oh this is just another gimmick." Granted, it's free and c'mon, it's GOOGLE! But still...I had my doubts.

Kris told me that Google Chrome would be a faster internet browser. Because Google was backing it, I jumped on board. I downloaded and installed Google Chrome and you know what I found out? Kris was right. Google Chrome IS faster. So much so that I get extremely annoyed whenever I have to use Internet Explorer or Firefox. It's like going from dial up to high speed. I am pretty sure I am not exaggerating-sometimes (hard to believe I know) I DO exaggerate, but not this time.

Where on earth am I going with all of this?

Well...my younger sister is starting her very own blog. If you'd like, you can show her some love and encouragement here: Home Is Where We Learn. She's a lot like me:
--almost in her 30's (though I've passed that up)
--4 young kids that a super close in age
--a little crazy unique

One difference though (don't hate me Bonnie!) is that where she is somewhat inexperienced when it comes to navigating the computer/blogosphere, I am an EXPERT, which is a very deceptive way to say I married someone who knows all the ins and outs and I forced him against his will to help me! So, my sister asked me tonight for some tips/advice on how to link things to her blog, connect with Facebook, etc...I was excited and more than happy to help, as this little blogging venture is somewhat of an obsession (renewed now by the UPB 2010).

I began to send her an email telling her how easy it is to share a post on Facebook or Twitter, add things to your Google Reader; until I realized she doesn't use Google Chrome or even Google Reader *gasp*. That led me to open up Internet Explorer which took FOREVER to load (probably truly only 20 seconds--see, sometimes I do exaggerate!). And that is as far as I got because I was annoyed with how slow it was. Then that small part of me that has A.D.D. got distracted and I still haven't sent her an email. Instead, I am entertaining myself by writing all of this. I really am seriously entertained by myself right now. This happens often.

Since it is still Tuesday,

I have just shown you why it was necessary to make myself a post it. I have NO idea where I was going with this post, though at the time I began, it seemed really important; and upon reflecting, I may or may not have actually written about that which I intended to!! But the medicine I take at night to help me sleep but doesn't work (so why on earth do I still take it??), is messing with my brain. It's either that or it was the crazy rushed morning because I can't get up on time, then working all day, going to see a friend's brand new baby girl after work (she was adorable and I wish my tubes would untie themselves), picking up the kids from school finally at 7:00pm (don't worry-this time Grandma was watching them-it wasn't another IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS FORGET KIDS HAVE A HALF DAY incident!), grabbing a quick dinner, shoveling said dinner down while driving home, putting the four crazies in bed, watching GLEE, catching up on reading and Facebook that led me to completely lose my focus - I have NO idea how to make that sentence grammatically correct, nor do I care. OK, that's not true. I'm a little OCD with grammar and spelling but sometimes it's just not worth the effort. I'd rather just finish up and be annoyed with myself for making a mistake than figure out how to fix it! If you followed that, congratulations and can you explain it to me?

Oh, and my husband has now shown me how to do the whole my blog looks so cool strike through thing that every other blogger seems to know about! I'm so hip now.

***Google is not paying me in any way to advertise their product(s). I just love all things Google. If someone high up in the company sees this and chooses to bless me with a super cool phone with Android though, I wouldn't complain! And I would write you the BEST review ever!!! How good do you think my chances are?


  1. I want to know how to do the strike through thingy too!! Love your blog!!

  2. Apparently you cannot put any HTML code in a comment. I tried to reply 3 times to this and finally learned it was because you can't have any 'code' in it. Ok, well...I can email you the code for strike through maybe. Or if you understand this: open bracket s close bracket. Then type whatever you want to strike through. Then open bracket /s close bracket.