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I like to think of myself as the 'crazy mom of four'. I'm 31 years old and I love my life, my kids, my husband and my God. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." Jim Eliot

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

And we're off! I'll admit that I am a bit frustrated right now. I have been really excited about participating in the Ultimate Blog Party 2010. I had my post to introduce myself ready 2 days ago. I posted it this morning. I 'linked' it, and then somehow I screwed it up. I accidentally deleted the post and now I can't retrieve it...so I am somewhat annoyed that I am now having to start over, especially when I am SUPPOSED to be working!

So this will have to be a quick intro to who I am and what this blog is all about. My name is Jamie and I am 31 years old. Not quite 11 years ago I married what has to be the world's most patient, loving and forgiving man. Any man who puts up with me HAS to be all of those things, and I considered myself beyond blessed that every day he chooses to stick with me!

We started our family young...AND FAST! In October of 2000, we had Katherine Grace. In August of 2001 (re-read that and do the math-it comes out to 10 1/2 months), Kaleb Lee joined our family. 13 months later, along came Abbey Rose. Life suddenly became extremely chaotic; we were broke college students and somehow managed to have 3 children in just 2 years and 5 days. WHO DOES THAT??? Apparently we do.

In November of 2004 I found myself pregnant again. This time I miscarried right before Christmas and yet managed to get pregnant again as soon as my body recovered from the miscarriage--THAT'S HOW GOOD AT THIS WE ARE! Olivia (called Livvy) Morgan joined us in September of 2005. I then promptly had my tubes tied!!

My life revolves around my kids. They drive me crazy, make me angry, push my buttons until I want to hide in a hole. And yet somehow I love them with all that is in me. While raising children is one of the most difficult things I've ever done, it is by far also one of the most rewarding. Yesterday, for example, my son had been pushing me and pushing me. And unfortunately, most of the time I do not even realize he is doing it until I've exploded and felt like a crazy monster! But out of the blue last night he said to me "Mommy I want to tell you something." I turned to him and could see that it wasn't going to be easy for him. Then he said "I'm sorry for everything I was doing. I really love you very much." If we weren't in the van, I would have taken him in my arms and held him. THOSE moments are what I cherish.

What you will find here will vary. Some days I rant and rave about whatever happens to be annoying me at any given moment--and if you know me, you know that most things annoy me!!! Some days you will find me sharing funny stories about things my kids have said or done. And there are even some days that I break down and share my utter despondency if life finds me at a weak point! I never know what I am going to say until it's said (written), so you never know what you will get if you choose to visit me here. But I hope you stay and can find some joy or amusement from my suffering and whining...because let's face it. It sure feels good to laugh at someone else sometimes!

That being said, I hope this post actually STAYS and I can get back to work! I hope everyone has a great day and to all of you participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, I can't wait to get to know you!


  1. Seems kids know exactly how to push our buttons, but their sweetness always makes us forget it pretty quickly!

    So sorry your first post disappeared, but it was great to read a little about you!

  2. Nice to meet you. I hopped over from the "party".

  3. I feel the same as you do! I want to scream and run away, just drop them off at DH's work and run to a coffee shop. But after one sip of coffee in that solitary place I am yearning for my children again. HOw funny is that?

    that really does stink about your first post. I have been there! I worked like an hour on this awesome post for a review/giveaway and then my internet froze and died. My post poofed. I was soooooo annoyed. LOL blogging can be so stressful sometimes

  4. Thanks Annie! I do find that whenever I am given time alone, especially if I am AT the house, it is eerily quiet!!

  5. Visiting from the UBP2010. It so nice to "meet" you; sounds like you have a wonderful family!

  6. Thanks for commenting from the UBP. I look forward to reading more!


    Ps: I sent you an email responding to your comment. Have a great weekend!

  7. HI stopping by from the UBP10
    I too have 4 kids- mine are 8 and under- and I thought that was bad! sorry about your post- I do that alot!

  8. thanks for coming by my blog today! yeah, there's no point - as a PW for me - to blend in... I like being ME, the ME I was before marrying the Pastor. :-) Nice to meet you!!

    Shasher's Life --- the Unconventional Pastor's Wife!

  9. Stopping by from UBP! It is so nice to 'meet' you... love your introduction! Don't you just love a patient husband... God knows I couldn't survive without mine. :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad to meet you! Email if you have questions about the elastic or anything else with the skirt, but I know you can do it!!

  11. Thank you so much for stopping by, I think this is a great post so I'm sure your first one must have been fabulous, too! Kids can definitely push our buttons, it seems built into their nature - but we love 'em anyway!

    Have a great rest of the UBP!

  12. OHhh, yeah. Pushing buttons is the favorite activity of children, it seems. Mine were experts at it. I never knew how NOT patient I was, though I tried my hardest. We just have to forgive ourselves, because it's the world's toughest job, and we are only mere humans.

  13. So nice to stop by!! And I can't believe you are able to blog with some many little ones around! WOW!!! You are AMAZING! Seriously.

    We would love to have you over at our place:

    Hope to see you there. ;)

  14. Stopping by from UBP #2010. My niece, who just turned 25, has 3 boys. The oldest 1st grade, the youngest 4, so she popped hers out pretty quick too.

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it! HOpe you're enjoying the UBP and I love your giraffes :)

  16. What a great site. Just visiting from the UBP. We are from Sugar & Spice and Frugal Advice. Nice to meet you.

    Barbie & Joelle