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Thursday, April 1, 2010

So funny story...

Kris and I went to lunch at Taco Bell today (shut up, that's not the funny part!).

When we first walked in, there was this old man talking to a very young man. The first thing I clearly heard was the older man say that he is really into eating healthy, from the earth. Natural foods.

Okay, my first problem? HE'S IN TACO BELL...eating!!! How in the world is that healthy or 'from the earth'??

The next thing I heard him talking about is how healthy he is now (because of how well he eats), and how he has lost weight over time eating this way. He then went on to say how he is 59 years old but people think he is in his 30's or 40's. Um...he looked MINIMUM of 65 years old. I am not kidding you. How on earth could people say he looks like he's even in his 40's??? I was shocked. Then he went on to say how he was ex-military and loves his country but doesn't like what it's becoming or something like that. I had to get Kris to stop staring at this guy!

I was seriously afraid this man would try to strike up a conversation with us-he really looked like he wanted to but we diligently avoided eye contact. In addition to all of that, he had this other man with him and said something to him about how he had to have "kahunas". Yes, he said "kahunas". And then he said, "Do you know what that means? That means 'balls'." Um...no it doesn't. "Kahuna" is a Hawaiian word for 'priest' or 'shaman'. What I think he MEANT to say was "cojones" which does translate to "balls". It was interesting, to say the last.

I really didn't want to go to the YMCA tonight. I knew I needed to, because my knee feels better when I go, but I was out of energy. I managed to drag myself there, though I can't say my knee feels much better. But I was blessed to witness yet another interesting sight. What I wouldn't have given to have had a camera tonight. There was a very tall, thin man on a treadmill. At first I thought he was just stretching out his shoulder while he walked quickly on the treadmill. I thought maybe it was hurting and he was trying to get the kinks out. But then it just got WEIRD!! The man started turning around and walking backwards. But there was something so 'light' about how he moved. I felt like I was watching a ballerina on a treadmill. It was...unique. He kept doing different things, turning one way and sliding his feet one moment and then turning the other way and somehow managing to glide. I couldn't decide if he was a ballet dancer or a figure skater, but if he wasn't either of them, he was just plain crazy!!

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