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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Probably a little too personal for a public blog

I keep starting posts about bras, and never end up publishing them. But tonight I just have to finally put this on virtual paper.

Some of you know I have been losing weight. I've maintained my weight (having lost 20 lbs since Oct. 23, 2009), but my body continues to change. I have more to lose and am finally back on track to get there. After vacation, I struggled to get back to eating yeast-free, but am eating right now and Kris and I manage to get to the YMCA on most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It has become even more important to me now that I am not in physical therapy anymore for my knee. My knee has really been bothering me and doesn't seem to be back at full strength like it is 'supposed' to be. But I have noticed when I work out it loosens up and feels better. I've added some weights in as well, the machines anyway; trying to strengthen my quads, which I understand will help my knee to heal.

Anyway...back to bras.

I need to start this out by saying those of you who are well-endowed, people don't understand what you have to go through! I used to be one of those people. My family made fun of me for being the flat-chested one. I always loved that line in "While You Were Sleeping" where Sandra Bullock's character is talking about her dad and says "He was a lot like me. Brown hair. Flat chest." I could really relate to that! And then I had kids. And something happened. Everyone told me that after I quit nursing, *they* (the girls!) would likely go back to the size they used to be or worse, they'd be smaller.

I have come to realize that this did not apply to me. Instead, I believe I was what I like to call a late-bloomer. A REALLY late bloomer. I had my first child when I was 20. Now granted, I did have my first three children back to back to back...all three within 2 years and 5 days. Beat that without having twins/triplets!!! But it's been 11 years...and I'm still waiting for them to shrink back to my high school/early college size. Something tells me this just ISN'T going to happen!

The reason I am writing this is partially to vent. I HATE bra shopping. Bra shopping is great if you have nothing to put in the bra! You can find all kinds of cute bras and since you don't really need the 'support' I don't believe it is nearly as difficult to find a GOOD bra. Granted, they are not all comfortable...so if you have 'small-ish' chest and think I am saying all bras are comfortable, I am not. Remember...I used to have a 'small-ish' chest! All I know is that bra shopping is much more complicated if you are 'large-ish'. I figured I would stay on the 'ish' theme. :)

I finally discovered Victoria's Secret a few years ago. The only problem? E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E!! $40-50 for a bra is more than I want to pay. BUT, in my opinion, they are worth the price. It's just hard to shell out that kind of money for ONE item. The problem with Victoria's Secret is that they do not specialize in sizes above 38DD. They typically have a decent variety of styles and colors up to 38DD but not beyond. You can get a 40/42DD in black or white, in one or two styles.

I know that there have been a few different thoughts going through here...I think/hope they will all tie together. I'm getting sleepy and when I get sleepy, I get confused and loopy!

So, now that I have been losing weight, I've shrunk. Unfortunately, not where the DD's are concerned! However, I have lost 4 inches around and so none of my bras fit me. And it's just time for new ones. I got measured, that's how I know I lost the 4 inches. 42 down to 38. Unfortunately, the cup size hasn't changed. So I started trying bras on. The lady that measured me told me to try a 40DD. It was too big! But then she told me that the 38DD's would likely be too small in the bust because they are made differently. I tried a couple of those on...and she was right. Way too tight. I was beginning to feel a little frustrated. I asked her what my options were...because the 40's were too loose and the 38's too tight. She recommended that I tried a 38DDD! WHAT??? So I asked her "Do you even carry those?" Of course the answer was NO. So I asked her how high the sizes went up for the bras that were on sale--since I had seen some when I walked in saying they were 2 for $49. I can justify that price! So she grabbed some 38 DD's and without much hope of them fitting, I tried them on. I wasn't hopeful at all. But I just had to try because I need a new bra. Oddly enough, they fit perfectly! And I didn't have to pay $50 for one bra! I paid $52 after tax for TWO!

So here's my question for you ladies out there. What is your favorite bra and where did you get it?

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