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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Embassy Suites with a sense of humor

I have pictures of two more Embassy Suites door knob hangers. I thought perhaps they just used the same ones and swapped them out every few months throughout all Embassy Suites hotels. But I found out when we were staying there in Louisville the hangers were completely different. In fact, the first one we had said one thing, and so I took a picture. Then I went to my mother-in-law's room and saw that hers was completely different, and so of course I snapped a shot of that one too, and swapped hers for ours. The kids were asking why I traded with her-I told them it was because I wanted to get a picture of it-and then I just never traded back.

But for whatever reason, this morning, Olivia took Grandma's back and replaced ours with its original. Kind of funny. She was very proud and excited that she had 'tricked us'. Everything with her is "Tricked ya!" Like when you say "Olivia did you go potty?" And she says yes, but you can tell she still needs to go. And you confront her and she says "Tricked ya!" Or when she says "I feel like I'm going to throw up" (which freaks me out!) and then you press her and she says "Tricked ya!" She hasn't quite learned the difference between tricking and outright lying. Maybe some day...

Anyway, here are the latest creative door knob hangers from the Louisville Embassy Suites. I think I like the second one better...though when you've got four kids in the room with you...it really just means you're sleeping and sleeping only!! Either that or the children have locked you in the closet and are running wild in the room.