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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive? Uh...yeah...

My son is very, very organized!! He loves to have his room cleaned and everything has its own place. I LOVE that I don't really have to tell him to clean his room. When he was two, we had taken him to a neurologist for some behaviors that I won't go into now (though if you've followed the blog, you know some of the background with him). Anyway, we stopped at a gas station about 20 minutes ago and told Kaleb and Livvy they could pick out one snack (Kat & Abbey are riding with Grandma today). Livvy wanted Bubble Tape. Then she decided she would get a ring pop instead. I checked some chips and candy and it all had soy bean oil in it so those were out. So she has her ring pop and Kaleb had picked out some Bubble Tape as well. I decided last minute (primarily due to Livvy whining about wanting something else and her being spoiled) that they could go ahead and pick out one more thing. Livvy chose to get the Bubble Tape with her ring pop. Kaleb...he made a different, interesting choice. It's not nearly as amusing if you don't know Kaleb, but let's just say that he has some OCD tendencies. My funny boy picked out (and was very excited about) HAND SANITIZER!! It looks like a pen and sprays on. He promptly opened it up and used some, and put some on Livvy too. Just a few minutes ago I could smell it and he was back there saying he was glad he got it and that it smells good. And just now, while I have no idea what he is doing back there, I heard him say 'My face is clean!' ***When we got to the hotel for the night (as I wrote the above earlier), his hand sanitizer was completely gone. So I did panic just a little, afraid he would die from whatever it is in hand sanitizer that can kill people. He read me the ingredients though and it didn't sound 'too' bad.

At this same gas station, which was located somewhere in a small town in Ohio, we stopped to fill up the van and have the kids 'try'. You know...to go potty...so we wouldn't have to stop again before we got to the hotel. The gas station was really small and there wasn't really anything else around. I asked Kris if he thought they had a bathroom, but he pointed and showed me where they were--they were on the outside of the building. I asked if he thought we'd have to get a key, and he sent Kaleb over to check and see if he could open the door. He could not. So we had to go inside and get the key, which happened to be attached to the lid of a 32-oz plastic cup! But before we went in to get the key, Kris said 'Those are old school.' Now that comment alone isn't all that remarkable...maybe a little odd coming from him...however, what was funny was just a couple of minutes later Livvy and I are walking towards the bathroom and she said 'These bathrooms are old school.' like it was the most natural comment in the world! It was funny!! Oh and as I am looking over this, I should point out that Kris isn't getting ready to go into the women's bathroom. Livvy was in there and he was holding the door open with his foot until I could get over there. He's not a creep...nor did he have any intention of using the women's bathroom!

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