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Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny chats with Abbey and Katherine

I really wish I could go back at any given moment in time and play back something one of my kids have said.

Abbey and I had an interesting conversation on the way home from speech therapy today. And because I don't have the ability to play back what she said, I can't remember how the conversation started. But I told Abbey that she was the most loving girl and was kind to everyone and that those were great things about her.

Then she told me that no one likes *Sarah* (name has been changed partly because I can't spell the real name and partly because I'm just trying to respect the child). I asked her why and she told me that Sarah always does bad things and so no one wants to be her friend. She said that Sarah told her everyone hates her. So I asked Abbey what she thought of Sarah and she replied "I actually kinda like Sarah." I told her that she should really try to be her friend and tell her that she loves her and wants to be her friend and that she could really show her that God loves her. She told me that sometimes Sarah says that God hates her too. And I reminded Abbey that sometimes she feels bad about herself and says those kinds of things too and that she should really try hard to be friends with Sarah because she understands how she feels.

It was a cool conversation to have with her, but my favorite part was her saying "I actually kinda like Sarah."

Last night I had quite an interesting chat with Katherine about sex and (close your eyes men) periods. She's 9 and I already had to discuss sex with her a couple of years ago so we had a little head start on the issue. Again I don't remember WHY we started talking about this...just that we had the conversation. She's already so emotional and can burst into tears at any given moment. I told her that in a couple of years she would start her period and it would only get worse, as far as the emotional roller coaster goes. What really stood out to me about the conversation is Katherine laughing so hard she started crying because I was telling her how God created a man and woman to fit together, like a puzzle. And I was trying to emphasize that she should respect her body and know that God gave her a gift that she should save for her husband only! And she assured me that she understood this. But what she couldn't get over was picturing Adam and Eve doing that "special thing". She knew that they must have, because they had kids (and we have talked about how this is necessary to make a baby), but she just kept giggling thinking about it. It was funny!


  1. I'm with you on wanting to record what they say sometimes, my daughter say's some off the wall stuff. And honestly I'm really not looking forward to that conversation with Madison.

    Abby sounds really sweet to still say " actually I kinda like Sarah" even after the things sarah did and said. Seems you're doing a good job with them.

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  3. Thank you "info" :) for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy it-it's just a way for me to virtually scrapbook! I'm not good with journals or baby books, so I thought this would be an easier avenue for me to record our memories!