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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pictures of me...this is a rare occasion

Here are a few pictures of Kris and I (and a kid randomly thrown in from time to time) on vacation, either together or separate. I usually hate being in the pictures but I am trying more and more to overcome that. Some of these the kids took and didn't do too bad!

Above taken by Kaleb; below by Olivia

Another taken by Kaleb:

I think Kris told me to 'smile with your mouth closed' here...this is how it turned out.

Dinner in the 'torture chamber' I wrote about previously, which I also forgot to mention that I would have probably preferred the torture to the food. It was so NOT good!

Taken during our day without the kids getaway.

You know, I usually hate ALL pictures taken with me in them, but I am actually starting to like this one (above). It helps that there have been a lot of Facebook comments about it--maybe I am starting to see myself a little differently...maybe. It's been a long road and I know it isn't over yet with regards to my own self-loathing issues but step by step I am learning to maybe start to see myself a little bit how other people see me. I know that the distorted image I have in my head is NOT what everyone else sees...now if I could just consistently believe that myself!

My handsome husband, who looks a little angry here, though he would contend that he is indeed smiling.

Enjoying some kid-free time in the cabin. Not *that* kind of kid-free time...get your minds out of the gutter! I am trying to get more and more pictures of us together because as I look back, there aren't that many, primarily because I used to hate being in them!

This one I had to include. We were at my parents' house, on our 2nd day of vacation and this is a picture of Kris asking me for my receipts. He likes to enter in those receipts...and it always makes me laugh--because I know that when he is in a mood to check the finances, he will be right there to make sure he has all of my receipts to enter in!

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