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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Aren't you glad you're reading this?

You're in for a real treat tonight (insert sarcasm here). I have a bunch of different thoughts rolling around in my head, and tonight I am attempting to get some of them out.

I walked into the bathroom tonight and saw about 15 little bath toys on the floor outside, yes outside, the bathtub. And it reminded me of a funny encounter I had with Livvy the other night when I was giving her a bath. For those of you not familiar with the Little Bishops, Olivia is 4. And she has quite the personality! She's very adorable and funny, quite similar to her older sister Abbey, who is 7. Between the two of them, there is always something quite funny said or done.

The kids have become extremely self-sufficient, which has been such a blessing to Kris and I. Because of their self-sufficiency, the older 3 always shower on their own instead of taking baths. Most days we are fortunate enough that one of the older kids will get Livvy in the shower with them. The other night though, I decided to let her take an actual bath. So she's in there playing and I am going back and forth between cooking and checking in on her. She's just playing away for quite a while. Then she called me back there and told me she was ready to get out. She is of course spoiled, so she dictated which towel I HAD to use, and I proceeded to obey my spirited four-year-old! After I put the towel around her, I noticed that ALL of the bath toys were dripping wet, laying on the floor, outside the bathtub. And I asked her "Livvy why are all the bath toys on the floor?" Her reply? "I needed room for 'laxin'" It took me a minute to realize she was telling me she needed room to RELAX. I was telling Kris the story and Abbey chimes in, as if it's the most natural thing in the world, "Were you trying to lay down flat in the bathtub?" This must be something the two of them do when they are in the bathtub together! So Livvy likes to 'lax in the bathtub.

Kris and I have been working...and working...and working...but we've been trying hard not to come home and spend the evening working. It's been quite relaxing to go home and know I'm not going to log in and work some more. But we are definitely staying busy at work. I like commuting with him, though this will be my first full week in our downtown office. And I have Friday off because the kids are out of school. Well, technically I don't have the day off. I have to log in and dispatch any claims that come during the day, while I try to clean up my house and cook for Bunco, which I am hosting at my house Friday night.

I actually have a fairly full weekend ahead. Friday night, Bunco. Saturday night, Tastefully Simple party with some old friends-the companionship is what I am really looking forward to. And then there's Sunday. I am going to be a 'vendor' at a Relay for Life fundraiser. I was blessed to be a part of this event last year, and they asked me back! Granted, it could just be that they don't know any other PC consultants in the area...but I'll tell myself they liked me. :)

Kris and I discovered a funny little webisode on Hulu called CTRL. Check it out if you want a short little comedy to close out a stressful day. http://www.hulu.com/ctrl

I have an addiction. It's food. It's always been food. At least for the last 12 years. And it's been getting the best of me lately. A lot of you know I have been attempting to live yeast-free (you can follow that journey here: http://myyeastfreejourney.blogspot.com/). It started out so great! Lately though, I've just really been giving in to cravings. You know, it's that time of year again. You know what time of year I'm talking about...Girl Scout Cookie Time! And I think "I don't want to work so hard to eat right when we go to Virginia over spring break in a week and a half" and so part of me wants to just say "Ok, I'll get back to yeast-free as soon as we get back." It's not good. But that's what the other blog is for, so I won't keep going on about that here!

Kris and I are doing a good job so far sticking to our new budget. We have been doing a lot more cooking at home, and then taking our leftovers to work. We have $30 total per pay period set aside for eating out. That's it. And if we use it and run out, too bad. I don't know if that seems like a little or a lot-it amounts to $10/person/month. For a family of 6, if you go anywhere that isn't fast food, you'll be lucky to get out for less than that though! And for this family of 6 who was used to eating out more times a week than I'd like to admit. So while it's been a lot more work on my part, ultimately it's been great! And if I can ever get myself back on track COMPLETELY, it will be a LOT easier to eat yeast-free.

I've been writing this off and on for about an hour and a half and am getting tired so before this turns into a jumbled mess of incoherent thoughts (more so than it already is!), I'm signing off for the night.

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  1. so cute I "Laxin"! and yeah sometimes it does get to easy to eat out.. I'm guilty of that!