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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just like her mother...

Kids notice everything!! I mean EVERYTHING!!!

When we got home this evening, we saw a girl (I don't think she is older than 13) walking down the street in some questionably short shorts. This always appalls me. Look, everyone is entitled to dress the way they want, but in a society that is dominated by sex (because let's face it: SEX does sell), I tend to get angry. And when I see these young girls walking around with barely anything on I just don't understand. And if you don't want to hear me ranting about something that you may find offensive, I suggest you skip over this post.

The clothes get tighter and shorter and I see this and I think 'My mom was worried about what I wore 20 years ago?' I suppose not much has changed; perhaps it is my perspective that has changed, especially now that I am an adult and I have little girls of my own. The last thing I want is boys (or even worse perverted old men) ogling them because I have allowed them to dress inappropriately. As long as they are under my roof, they will not be allowed to wear bikinis or short shorts, or 'belly shirts' as my girls call them (because they show the belly). I know that some people would think it is just plain stupid that I won't allow my girls to wear bikinis but there is no reason to encourage them to flaunt their bodies. Pornography is rampant and I do not want ANYONE looking at my girls in *that* way. This is not just me jealous that some women have the body to pull off a bikini either. I KNOW I can't pull it off, nor would I want to...I'm not comfortable walking around in public in my bra and panties so I'm never going to feel comfortable in a bikini...even if I had the body.

Where was I going with this? I got interrupted and distracted and I was really off on a tangent and can't get back to it now. Oh yeah...I remember...scantily clad girls aside...seeing this neighbor girl set off a conversation in our van with the kids. I told the kids they wouldn't be dressing like that and Katherine of course said she wouldn't want to. But then we saw a neighbor boy, wearing very loose pants, hanging down too far with a belt securing the pants to his 'bottom' (I'll use the word we allow our kids to say). I know this is in style and many people dress this way. I actually prefer the girls dress that way too...all covered up! But I do think it looks silly. Katherine was talking about how weird or gross it looked, even though he was fully dressed. Well, that was really the 'end' (pun intended!) of that conversation, as we were all getting out of the van and going into the house.

The reason I even started this post is because a little while ago I overheard Katherine outside talking to one of the neighbor kids saying "I know you think it's cool but you should pull your pants up!" Kris scolded her and I just laughed. The reason I entitled this 'Just like her mother...' is because that is totally something I would say. Maybe not to a neighbor kid...I have learned some tact over the years. But I tend to speak my mind (POOR KRIS!). What I think usually comes out of my mouth and usually it is in some form of sarcasm.

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  1. finally, I couldn't have said that better myself I am always talking about the kids in our state/city, I am shocked on the thing's their parents allow them to wear.

    There are a lot of bad people in this world and at that age these kids do not understand what signal they are sending I completely agree.