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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Funny photo and cute videos

I love my kids!!! I can't say that enough. I really, really love them.

The above picture was drawn by Kaleb recently. My sister commented on this picture on Facebook with "The apple looks like a vampire and the WORM is the freak?" Great and yet creepy imagination!

The next two videos were taken of Livvy and Abbey on the way home from Virginia. We were at a rest stop and the girls decided to do some stretches/exercises. And without anyone saying anything, Abbey just jumped right in, singing a song they apparently sing during P.E. when they exercise. It was so adorable I just HAD to post it. If you read my Living Yeast-Free blog, the first video is a repeat from an earlier post today. The second video is Livvy attempting to do the same thing.

Reason #575 that I love having my kids at a Christian school:

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