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Friday, March 19, 2010

No Parking? But I didn't know...

So we're driving into Gordonsville, VA, nearing the resort. And off to the right, I see a No Parking sign on the side of the road. And then another. And then another. And then another, and then still another. I believe in the small stretch of road there were at least 10-15 No Parking signs all just about a car length away from each other! We were driving so I wasn't able to get the best pictures; so I held the camera out the window and just started snapping pictures as we drove by them. It doesn't do justice at all, but after the dead deer on the side of the road I wrote about previously (after a sign warned no animals were allowed on the interstate and we realized they mean business!) there was NO WAY Kris and I were going to park there just to take a picture! If they kill deer for daring to enter the highway, what will they do to humans who park where they are not supposed to?

I missed the first couple of No Parking signs and I know this really doesn't show you quite how ridiculous it was, but it will have to do.

Here are a few more (though I don't know how or why the text has turned blue here):

And some more:

A couple more:

And I know it is hard to see, but just a little farther down the road, yes that is one more No Parking sign.

I think perhaps the oddest thing about all of this is that there are no houses here. There are no restaurants or businesses, no scenic overlook nearby. So why would you need to park there and why is this absurd amount of No Parking signs there???? Wouldn't it have been sufficient to just put up ONE sign that said "No parking on the shoulder"? If I were a tax payer in Virginia, I think I'd be a little annoyed that my money was going to pay for such useless, unnecessary No Parking signs.

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