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Thursday, March 11, 2010

One proud mother

I love my kids!

I always love them...but there are times when I am walking through the house, and I see one of them or hear them say something and my heart just swells.

Tuesday we had Kaleb's parent-teacher conference. It went well. His teacher likes him; he's a smart, fairly well-behaved kid. He tends to get in trouble whenever there are 'transitions'-like being in the hallway after lunch or for restroom breaks, or going to Art/Music, in P.E. He struggles to remain self-controlled and tends to get himself and other kids in trouble for talking or playing. Beyond that, there isn't much to complain about. He is a great student and respects his teacher and I am pleased enough with that.

Tonight we had parent-teacher conferences for the girls. Abbey's teacher never has anything but delightful things to say about her. She is a hard worker and most of the students can understand what Abbey is saying these days-so speech therapy is definitely proving to be worthwhile (not that I ever thought it wasn't!). Abbey really does light up any room she is in and it is such an amazing thing to watch, and it brings a LOT of joy to my heart! Knowing that we named her Abigail before we knew it meant Father's Joy is just kinda cool too. Oh and I know I've posted before some of Abbey's pictures and stories...I have a new one to post. She's so cute. She went to the Y with Kris tonight (all the kids did because I had the conferences). When she got home she had this huge smile on her face and then she handed me a card. So, instead of playing the entire time, THIS is what Abbey did. Now I should point out that for the most part I am feeling just fine, so I am not sure if she is referring to my healing knee or what! But still...she's such a sweet little girl. Look at her latest creation:

Katherine's teacher said nothing surprising...Katherine is doing well and is a great student! She excels in anything academic! She even got upset today because I thought they had a half day and so I had told them that I was going to pick them up at 1pm. Well apparently she went to the office to make sure we knew they had a full day today-I believe she was afraid that I would pick them up and they would miss some of the school day and not have a chance to say goodbye to her friends...you know since they'll be gone for a week!

Olivia as well had a good review. Who can resist that adorable little four year old? She is SO excited about our upcoming vacation. She keeps calling it 'A-cation'. It's really cute! She asked me today when she could pack her toys for A-cation.

Warning! Get ready for the blogging to go into overdrive. Remember when Kris and I went to FL over the summer? Yes, it will be like that again. I still have the cool phone that gives me the capabilities to connect my laptop to the internet anywhere I have a phone signal! So there will be pictures and hopefully some funny, random encounters to document! Though I am not sure what will top the King Conference Room from the Drury Inn last year! Nothing like a king size bed that overlooks a HUGE 12-seater conference table. Those were some good times!

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