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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain rain rain

Well the day started out good. We had a great visit with my parents and two of my nieces. My dad suggested we take a different route than the one we had planned-a scenic route. I was fine with this as long as it didn't take us hours out of our way. When we looked at Google Maps it was only a difference of about 20 minutes, so I said 'Sure, why not!' And then it proceeded to rain for the next two hours. Once we made it in to Cincinnati, that's where the REAL fun began.

Let me just pause for a moment to point out that I HATE Cincinnati. It's up there with Sprint and Charter. It all started on my honeymoon. It's a long, boring story that ends with me lost in a bad part of downtown Cincinnati, and Kris waking up to me frantic and in tears. Kris learned really fast that either he drives or he stays awake! He chooses to drive. That being said...

Google Maps told us to do one thing, but when we got to the place where we were supposed to turn, it wasn't there. So we went about 15 minutes out of our way, turned the GPS on and decided to listen to the directions on that-we were starting to lose faith in Google Maps. We got back on track and found that if we listened to the GPS, we would actually make it to the hotel about 40 minutes sooner than Google Maps was estimating. But it was really frustrating all the same...now we're on some back road in Kentucky, in the middle of nowhere and Kris is just trusting the GPS. I hope it's right. And I still hate Cincinnati.

Here are some pictures the scenic route allowed us. Oh yeah! Dad, this is for you! I can see how the drive would have really been beautiful. We were next to the Ohio River most of the time and it really did have the potential to be a great drive. However, THIS is what our drive looked like...the ENTIRE way.

Maybe someday we'll get to enjoy the drive when the weather is nice and we can get out and walk around at one of the parks along the way!

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