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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7pm bedtime

When the temperatures start to rise and the kids are all outside playing, it becomes extremely difficult to put my kids in bed at 7pm and expect them to actually go to sleep. The noise level outside is ridiculous and it won't quiet down until at least 10pm. The kids' bedrooms all face the front yard, making it even more difficult for them. I struggle living in this neighborhood. I get annoyed whenever spring and summer roll around because I know everyone will be outside. And I wouldn't care about it, if they could somehow figure out how to congregate in front of someone else's house! It's sad that I look forward to rainy days because most of the kids will be inside.

Oh yeah...and while I'm talking about the neighbor kids...am I just insane or is it just plain wrong that there are unsupervised children under the age of 4 roaming around my neighborhood?? Seriously? Where are the parents? I'm really sorry if I offend...I truly am. Maybe I'm just too paranoid. Well, we all know I am TOO paranoid. But aren't those kids a little TOO young?? It always makes me sad when I see little 2 year olds running around half naked without even older siblings out there looking out for them. What about the predators or just people minding their own business, driving through the neighborhood who some day might just not see your little baby? I'd rather be safe than sorry. My kids are not allowed in the street without me...EVER.

I'm agitated and a little down tonight-no doubt from the sugar and gluten I have still been consuming since vacation. I forced myself to clean out the fridge tonight. I'm one of those disgusting people that still had stuff from before Christmas in my refrigerator. It's all 'current' now though! Finally. I had a Pampered Chef stone that had been in there for quite some time and was surprised to find that there was nothing growing in it! And, though it was a tough job, I salvaged ALL of my Gladware containers that had mysterious items in them.

I knew that if I didn't clean out the fridge it would continue to bother me. It's been bothering me for months...but obviously not enough to do anything about it. Don't get me wrong...I had cleaned out the fridge every now and then...but the last couple of times I overlooked the things I didn't want to deal with quite yet. Today was the day I braved the unknown and tackled all of those dreaded leftover leftovers! And I used those green Lysol wipes that smell so good. It's funny how a scent can bring you just a little bit of joy. You're thinking That's not funny; it's weird!' aren't you? I can live with that.

I had hoped that by cleaning out the fridge and cleaning up the kitchen and dining room that I would feel more like cooking and getting back to eating yeast-free again. Yet as I am sitting here trying to think through what we should eat the rest of the week, I am totally unmotivated and dreading cooking.

I don't know what my problem is. The weather combined with cleaning up some SHOULD have made me happy, not sent me into this odd, dismal hole I'm in. It's not incredibly dramatic...I feel more apathetic than anything. I've been so tired this week...again, I am sure due to the sugar and gluten. I've had so much trouble staying awake at work that I have resorted to caffeine in the form of my good friend Diet Dr. Pepper. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that. I know that my moods are less stable when I have the yeast-filled goodness we call food. And yet...I've become apathetic towards even TRYING.

Well, we are watching Psych now...so that should cheer me up!!


  1. I totally agree on the roaming children they are everywhere! And the noise has hit a whole new level.

    As for feeling tired I go through those phases sometimes, plus you never know if another little one is on the way =).

    And you're braver then me I cleaned out my fridge two week's ago and didn't manage to save one container.

  2. I usually don't save any containers! And no more new little ones...these tubes have been tied! :-)