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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh the screaming!

You can always tell when the kids were up too late. Kris and I are given a hard time because we put our kids to bed between 7:00-8:00pm. But if we don't, we have mornings like this morning. And like last Saturday. And it all seems to culminate right about 8:30am. Kris is working on Saturday mornings and that leaves the children with me. And for whatever reason, they insist on fighting and screaming the entire time he is gone-it's all part of their master plan to drive me away an inch at a time. Kaleb has had a severe meltdown already this morning. He was told to stop playing the Wii so he threw the Wii controller down (which is a BIG no-no and he is going to LOSE the Wii for at least two days now) and ran to his room screaming. He proceeded to slam his door shut and bang on the walls with who knows what (it could have been anything-an object, his fists, his head). I'm hoping he didn't destroy anything. I'm pretty sure he was throwing things around too. In between banging on the walls he screams at the top of his lungs in random intervals. And then, all of a sudden, he comes out of his room, calm as can be, asking for AAA batteries.

Abbey and Livvy accidentally ran into each other, leaving Livvy crying. I asked Abbey to apologize because she accidentally stepped on Livvy and she yells "I'm sorry!!" She sounded really sincere...
Livvy said "I forgive you" as is the custom in our house. Abbey either didn't hear her or chose to pretend Livvy said nothing and began yelling "I SAID I'M SORRY!!" to which Livvy responds in an equally loud angry voice "I SAID I FORGIVE YOU!!!"

I'm beginning to rethink this day trip to St. James MO to see Kris' dad. Kris is now home to lay down the law...hopefully the day will just get better from here. It's barely 9:30am!!

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