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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giraffes and God

It's amazing to me sometimes how God chooses to work and speak to His children (though after 31 years of God astounding me, I should have learned by now!). For as long as I can remember (back to about age 5/6 is as far back as I can *easily* go), my mom has always read Our Daily Bread.

We used to read it growing up as well but I have gotten away from it since I moved out on my own. My mom called me this morning to tell me about the devotional for today. She knows I'm an avid lover of all things giraffe; she had recently been on my blog as well and saw the new layout, so she just had to share it with me-and I'm glad she did! The link above goes directly to today's devotional, so I am hoping it is OK (with regards to copyright laws) to paste some of the content here. What a cool new fun fact about giraffes and it's awesome how the writer ties it in with a God that never sleeps. Keep in mind, (my newest readers you may not know this yet), I don't sleep well at night either! The giraffe really IS the perfect animal for me! Thanks MOM!

"Giraffes have the shortest sleep cycle of any mammal. They sleep only between 10 minutes and 2 hours in a 24-hour period and average just 1.9 hours of sleep per day. Seemingly always awake, the giraffe has nothing much in common with most humans in that regard. If we had so little sleep, it would probably mean we had some form of insomnia. But for giraffes, it’s not a sleep disorder that keeps them awake. It’s just the way God has made them.
If you think 1.9 hours a day is not much sleep, consider this fact about the Creator of our tall animal friends: Our heavenly Father never sleeps."
--you can read the rest of the devotional here.

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  1. Hmmm... interesting that they grow so tall when they rarely sleep! I was always told that we grow when we are asleep. Maybe that was just a story to make kids feel good about taking naps.