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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm not going to forget Friday Funnies this week! I'm not! They will be up by 12:01am. I know how my awesome bloggy friend Dee EVERYONE looks forward to them each week. Beyond that, the Little Bishops didn't give me much to write this week, so it won't take long. :-)

Let's talk about The Bachelorette for a moment. The more I watch this show the more I just don't really care for it. I really thought it was just women that were catty and immature. These guys are a big bunch of babies. And their egos...I'm annoyed. Justin is a giant...insert word of choice here...I'm going to go with idiot. [Keep it clean people!] I do like Chris L. And Roberto. And one other guy...I can't think of his name. Frank maybe? Although he's a bit TOO emotional for my liking. Don't get me wrong. I love a man who can get emotional, in the right setting. But some of this is just a little too much; and they tattle on one another and whine about what the others are doing. Kris overheard some of it and said "What? Are the in Jr. High?"

They're like children. OH. Right. They're MEN! Mystery solved!!

I started writing this about an hour ago, and then I turned on Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey is so distracting! And scary. I've said it before. I could never tolerate him or Jillian Michaels in real life. I believe either one of them would send me straight off the edge of the crazy cliff! Ultimately though, this show makes me laugh. He's just so mean. Something about seeing other people's misfortune...that sounds horrible doesn't it?

And it gives me something to do while my husband wanders around outside in the dark talking to who knows who on the phone at 11PM WORKS. Seriously though...where is he? He's been outside for at least 30 minutes (actually not exaggerating like I usually do). He walked out on the phone a while ago and I haven't seen him since. He's probably walked to IL by now-the man paces when he's on the phone. I shouldn't be upset about it...it drives me CRAZY when he paces and talks right in front of me. Wait...I mean while he's on the phone. It doesn't bother me when he is just walking around the room talking to me!

And I'm not really upset. I'm...well, not quite frantic. Just a little uneasy. My overactive, paranoid imagination has spun all kinds of horrible stories about what has happened to him. If we had ditches in our neighborhood, I'd be worried that he was laying dead in a ditch somewhere. This is how my crazy mind works...

Tonight I managed (I think) to follow proper massage etiquette. Unlike last time. Phew! They actually went by my file this time and had a woman perform (is that the right word for it?) the massage. It was a lot different. She wasn't nearly as rough as the men I had previously give me massages; and while the massage felt good, I could tell I needed something more on my neck. Oh well...it was an hour with no kids, no work, just relaxing!

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