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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another chance for lotion...

So, my 100th follower never did get back with me and I wasn't quite sure how to handle the lotion giveaway for that particular person. After some thought, I decided we'll just have another giveaway drawing for the second 'batch' of lotion. All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog. No extra entries. Just comment and I'll virtually draw a winner on Monday, June 21. You can still take your pick between Cool Ivy or Lavender Woods. Tell me in the comments which kind you want and make sure you leave your email address. And Katie (the winner of the lotion giveaway originally), I haven't forgotten about you and hope to get your lotion out to you this week! I was having issues 'packaging' it and now I just need to find a safe way to get it to you, since the best way to package it turned out to be an 8oz. jar. Also, if you get this lotion, I have learned by trial and error that you should get it out of the jar with a clean spoon or clean hands. If you dip dirty fingers into it, it will grow mold. And it's kinda gross. So, there's a tip when dealing with homemade lotion! Open to U.S. only.


  1. ooohh... another chance to win the Cool Ivy!! Yummy! ; )

  2. Cool Ivy!!! :-) That is so cool!

  3. Love 2nd chances :)

    I would choose Cool Ivy :)


  4. Oh, yay! lavender for me!