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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Funnies

It's been a long, crazy week. I feel like I've barely been home. I think I feel that way because I HAVE barely been home! My schedule was completely thrown off by working onsite for one of our clients on Monday and Tuesday. After work Tuesday, I went to our downtown office and worked even more. Wednesday was spent TRYING to work from home before getting out and celebrating an awesome night at WICKED (blog with pictures to come!). This morning was filled with a funeral and then work. I'm feeling drained. And to top it off, I have NOTHING for Friday Funnies. It isn't for a lack of listening either. Some weeks I guess the kids just don't give me good writing material! Or rather, FUNNY material. There is ALWAYS good writing material with those four...this week it just doesn't really fit the theme! SO...maybe one or two of you will link up and give me something to laugh about? Please? Pretty please??? :-) The link will stay open until Saturday morning so you'll have a little more time in case it is 5pm on Friday and you're just now reading this!

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