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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Funnies


I heard Abbey singing the following song this week:

"It's my talent to sing. It's my talent to sing. My talent will always be to sing."

We were getting ready to go to my parents' house for the weekend and the kids were helping me get their clothes together to pack. Livvy was getting excited about leaving and exclaimed:

"Daddy will be surprised we're gone!"

I had to explain to her that Daddy was coming with us and we couldn't leave until he got home. Her response?

Katherine hears all of this, laughs and like her mother says "Livvy's hilarious!"

The kids were having a lively discussion about ice cream and ice cream toppings and at the end of the conversation, proving how much she listens to every word her parents say, Livvy said "Nice, Kaleb!" I say that all the time in response to things. It's much more amusing from the lips of a four year old!

I think I've mentioned before that Livvy is a chatter box. She even talks in her sleep. Seriously! So we're in the van and she is bored and whining (what's new?) Then she said "You know what will make me stop talking?" "No Livvy. What?" "Playing on your phone." Later, after seeing a picture of herself from a couple years ago she said, "I talk a lot when I have short hair but when I have long hair I don't." As if THAT is why she talks incessantly!

While at my parents' house this week, Abbey was excited to tell me that she used the grown up toothpaste, instead of the kid toothpaste. She made me smell her breath and then told me "The toothpaste says sparkling white, but it was really sparkling pink." I knew what she had meant. The toothpaste must have promised to make your TEETH sparkling white, but the color was pink, and Abbey couldn't really have known this. I couldn't help but laugh when I went upstairs a while later and saw the toothpaste on the sink.

Abbey was getting dressed Sunday morning and excited to show Mammaw her new "pretty dress". I think Kris told her she was beautiful and she said she should write a song called "Beautiful Just Like You" then she told Kris that she would sing "beautiful" and then he would say "just like you!"

Livvy was talking to me and being silly and I'll be honest. I tuned her out. I have NO idea what she was saying. She was yelling and going on and on about some picture she had drawn. And I just heard all this "noise" and started laughing. And she said, "What??? [pause] Are you going to make that a Friday Funny??"

I'm going to start a little installment within Friday Funnies here called "Godly songs with Abbey". Abbey talks all the time about how she wants to be a Godly singer when she grows up and she has been singing more and more songs lately. I am going to try to video at least one of them each week to put on here. In the midst of chaos and craziness while trying to work from home I heard Abbey singing a song in her room-and while it isn't "funny" so much, it's just too precious not to include on here. Here is what I heard her singing:

"Oh thank you, thank you to the Lord. It will be a pleasure to know the Lord. You just have to say thank you and then God will still love you. When you don't think anybody loves you, he's the one person that always will. I say thank you. You say thank you. This is the life of the Lord."

In this video, Abbey is singing about her talent. It seems fitting to end with this song, since earlier in the week, as I mentioned above, I heard her singing about her talent always being to sing.

And last but not least, when I got home from work I found a sign. A poster, if you will. I'll preface it by saying that yesterday Kaleb was begging me to buy paper towel because he wanted to start his own cleaning business. He found the Windex and decided cleaning windows and doors was the way to go. He wanted Katherine to go into business with him, but she wanted to do a craft business. Apparently today Kat gave in because here is what I saw when I got home. Check out their logo! I LOVE MY KIDS!!!

Our Motto: When you make a mess we clean it our best!

Kris said that if he had money he would pay them sheerly based on their creativity. Those kids are awesome. Really. I am so proud!

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  1. That is actually a very good, very true praise song:O) They are all so cute!!