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Friday, June 11, 2010

I haven't forgotten

I know it's been a while since I posted a "My Dirty Hair Days" update. It isn't because I gave in and started using 'real' shampoo and conditioner again. I just haven't had time. I am sitting here now with freshly washed (with baking soda/water) and conditioned (with water/vinegar) hair and once I dry it I will take some pictures and try to get a post up. I have now concluded my 6 week experiment-it officially ended on the 8th of June. It has been a great experience and while I haven't seen a dramatic improvement (like night and day type), the little things are enough, coupled with the money I'll save on shampoo and conditioner; I will continue this means of caring for my hair. I'd like to get to a point where my kids are using this method too...but right now it's just easier to use the store-bought shampoo and conditioner with them.

On another note, for the gazillionth time I have switched back to Weight Watchers. In the fall I lost 20 lbs. when I was diagnosed with Candida. I completely changed the way I eat and live and had never felt better. And then I just fell off the wagon. Actually, I'm pretty sure I jumped off of it! I'd get back on, for a few days here and there, but overall my cheating caused me to find half of those pounds again. So, with my new HTC Hero and the help of a FREE app that essentially has all the Weight Watcher tools right there at my fingertips, I have started WW again. I sound like an infomercial or something. So, here's to hoping that I can make this last and finally get the weight back off. I'm so fickle though. I don't have a lot of confidence in myself and my ability to be self-controlled and disciplined for a long period of time. That's not just based in low self-esteem (though I'm not denying that I struggle with that!). It's based on past experience and what I always do. It seems next to impossible to break that viscous cycle. And yes, I know that it is primarily from trying to do it on my own instead of trusting God. Another area I struggle...it's no wonder I don't experience lifelong success with my weight loss.

Kris and I are getting ready to head out of town yet again. This time the kids are going with us. We're headed out to Indiana for a family reunion. The kids are excited, which translates to horribly behaved. It has been a chaotic day, to say the least. We've had lying, screaming, revenge, hatred, and all kinds of other nonsense today. Needless to say, I haven't accomplished much actual work today and still need to get us packed. So I suppose I should get off of here and get to it.


  1. Indiana?!? Where in Indiana?!? You'll be in my neck of the woods!


  2. Heidi we're going to Martinsville, south of Indy. I think our reunion might be in Greenwood.