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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A future in sales

My son is 8. He is possibly the greatest conman sales person I have ever seen. He can coerce his sisters into giving him large sums of money for the stupidest reasons. And somehow they are convinced that his reasoning is perfectly logical!

At our family reunion every year there is an auction. This auction is a way to pay for the following year's reunion though my money-conscious husband someone I love VERY much doesn't seem to quite feel as generous towards this cause as I do. But that's another blog post entirely, one which I will NEVER ever write! ;-)

People always bring silly little things to sell at the auction and it's really fun, especially for the kids. The bidding is outrageous at times (like $42 for a t-shirt) but overall it's just a fun way to ensure that the money is there for future reunions. We gave the kids each a $2 limit. We only had $17 in cash and that was it. Kris eventually upped the amount to $4, and later on when Livvy had wandered off to the playground, we told the kids they could split her money and spend up to $5. Kaleb spotted a treasure he had to have. It was a narrow-mouthed jar, with real money in it. If Kaleb can make money, he will. It doesn't matter where or how...he WILL find a way to make money. So this small jar was right up his alley. I gave him an extra $1 and he was able to purchase his treasure for $6. He was ecstatic. Immediately, he started trying to get the money out of his jar. He kept sticking his finger in there trying to coax the money out. It wouldn't surprise me if he had sat there cooing at it and the money just fall right out. It didn't happen THAT easy for him but within about 5 minutes, he managed to get the first dollar out. He kept going and I was able to snap a couple of pictures before he managed to get all SIX dollars out of there. He was SO excited! He came running up to me saying "I got a free jar!" Do you see it? He paid $6 for it, found $6 in it, and wound up with a free jar to boot!

Once we got home from the reunion, after much hard playing outside, a storm began. It was a BIG storm too. The wind was gusting 120 mph (I'm sure I've exaggerated that number), and the rain was pouring down. Thunder and lightning were not far behind. It's still raging now, though not quite as hard. I'm sure a lot of you have seen the movie Twister. Remember that one lady's house that has all the wind chimes? And there are at least 2 scenes where you see complete calm and hear just the wind chimes, before the tornado touches down. You know...that whole calm before the storm thing?

Well, my mom has wind chimes. A lot of them. And they always make me think of that movie. Tonight more so than ever before! So I stepped out on the deck/porch and shot a short video. This was totally a Twister moment. I felt like a storm chaser...braving the horrible conditions to get the best pictures and video, with no regard for the danger that is out there. Granted, the threat to my life was minimal. The video is sub-par. Overall, I am NOTHING like a storm chaser but a girl can dream can't she?

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