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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Funnies...oops...

I completely forgot about Friday Funnies yesterday! Oh the shame!! I have two excuses for you.

#1. The kids didn't give me much to go on. I have nothing written down anywhere. It was a chaotic week and darn them they just weren't that funny!! They'll be funny next week if I have to force them! :-) And if you were planning to participate, just hang on to your post. They will be back in full force next Friday.

#2. I was kind of travelling, which usually is no excuse, since I am on my laptop (and the internet) while we drive. However, I was busy trying to design a logo for our school's PTF.

Bottom line is that I got really busy yesterday and just forgot. Last night as I was sitting here at the resort I thought about blogging. I just didn't realize it was Friday, or you would have read another Abbey story from about 3 years ago. I have plenty of stories that I remember that I haven't written down yet.

So dear readers, please forgive me! Friday Funnies will be back next week.

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