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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anniversary 2010 has commenced...

Kris and I have safely made it to my parents' house in Indiana. We are stopping here for the night, before driving in to Gatlinburg tomorrow. We're hoping to get to the resort around check-in, since we are only there until Sunday morning. Here is a picture of Mountain Loft, the resort we are staying at:

Doesn't it look beautiful??

We had an exciting start to our trip. About an hour in, we stopped at a rest area. That was fun...

Don't mind the finger smudge on the left side - I'm not skilled at taking pictures with my phone!

Actually, there were two things that I deemed blog-worthy at the rest area. You'll find that with me anything is blog-worthy! It just depends on my mood at the time. This first item found on the grounds of the rest area was cause for closer inspection. I had to get right up next to it, read the whole sign and then was still confused! So I took a picture of it...I should note that there was no fire wood for sale here, nor was there any place to burn firewood. So, while it may appear reasonable to some, I just could not for the life of me figure out WHY?!? Oh and it seems to have something to do with a beetle?

Let's move on shall we? We were wandering around and saw a tall sign. Kris encouraged me to see what it said. I obliged. The first thing that caught our eye was the words: "Don't let an accident spoil your trip--watch your children."

So I'm looking at this sign and there is an identical sign about 15 feet to the left of this one. It stands to reason that these signs are guarding something, of some kind. A playground maybe? Yes, I believe this is the playground.

Lest you think I'm making this up...see the sign's shadow??

I just had to get a closer look at this playground that is so dangerous they have to warn you to watch your children.

Hey look! A swimming pool!!! I wonder if this is the "silver lake" the rest area was named for...

We decided to stop at Pizza Hut in Effingham, IL for dinner. It was a routine dinner. Nothing stood out. At all. That is, until I went to the bathroom. When I first saw this, I was immediately confused and had to remind myself that I was on land, and not somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane. This is quite possibly the narrowest door I have ever seen anywhere besides on an airplane. I wasn't even sure I could fit through it!

So began our anniversary trip!


  1. Enjoy your trip!

    I love your blog and am now following!

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    You can find me at: http://mommyhoodnextright.blogspot.com

    Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom

  2. Have fun!!! You are so blessed to have time away!! Enjoy!
    That firewood sign looks like people are moving firewood around to different towns, and it sounds like there are beetles in them. Maybe they are dangerous beetles not indigenous to that area, watch out!!!!LOL!

  3. Heheh! I love your "dangerous" park there. :)

    As for the beetles, they are Gypsy moths actually. They are taking out trees across the country at a pretty dramatic rate now. One way a gypsy moth hitches a ride is as a larva on wood that is used for camping. If a camper does not burn ALL the wood they bring in, they have the potential of leaving gypsy moths behind.

    So enough of the school lesson today. :) What happened to Friday Funnies? I came to read. Hehe...

    Take care!