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Sunday, June 7, 2009

You've got to be kidding me...

We have been trying to traverse 120 miles for about 4 hours now (by the time I actually finish this we'll be in St. Louis), and I'm starting to get irritated. We're STILL about 2 hours away from home. Why is it that the last hour or so takes the longest? For us, quite literally...

I can tell that vacation is over. I can tell that it is time to get back to reality and stop pretending that I live on the beach in Miami! Here's how:

We were making REALLY good time. The GPS was showing we would be home by 8:30pm, which further shows that you cannot TRUST the GPS since it is now 8:23pm and we are NOT 7 minutes from home. And it's not like we can just go straight home. We have to pick the kids up at Cindy's house, drop off the rental car and THEN go home. Who's brilliant idea was this? Uh...probably mine.

Around 6:20 we saw signs that the left lane was closing. So of course, being the good, law-abiding citizens that we are, we got over into the right lane. Where we stayed for over an hour. We got really excited the couple of times we started going 20 mph, for about a second before it went back down to 0. At one point, Kris just put the car in park and we just sat there. Watching the people in the left lane continue to pass by one by one.

After an hour of just waiting, we found out that it was OUR lane, and NOT the left lane that was closed. So then we had to try to merge into the left lane and we finally came upon the reason for the delay. A truck had jack-knifed and the front had caught fire and burned up.

A few moments after we passed the accident scene, we found out why we saw a sign that said the left lane was closing. There was construction. Nice. Oh, and after waiting in that traffic, I hope no one had to go to the bathroom because the rest area was closed.

We FINALLY passed through the construction and decided to stop for dinner at McDonald's. It would be a quick in and out-we would order and eat on the road. I haven't seen a McDonald's this slow since I was in St. Louis at the one on North Hanley! Kris told me they had the McRib but I told him just to order me a burger. When HE tried to order the McRib for himself, of course the employee told Kris that they had just sold out. Of course. Why not? We had a pleasant enough conversation with a man who was also waiting for his food, although he was getting on my nerves because he kept repeating two phrases over and over again, which were really funny (in an annoying kind of way) at the time and yet I cannot remember what they were. And to top it off, the burgers were cold and we couldn't finish them (I took one bite only and had to spit it out) so we are both still hungry. After we'd been back on the road for about 20 minutes Kris said to me "Now I want you to be thinking about what you want for dinner." It was funny.

THIS is how I know that vacation is over. It's all these little things that typically bother me. I'm getting back to my normal, pessimistic self. Oh nice, traffic in 5.5 miles, another accident according to the misleading GPS.

All in all, it has been a really good vacation, a great way to celebrate 10 years of wedded sort-of-bliss. I am sad to see it ending but happy to see my babies again...if we can ever actually get to Cindy's house!

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