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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Only three more days...

...until we get back home. Only one more day here at the resort in Miami. Saturday morning we will head back to Atlanta, GA for the night, then Sunday we will get up and drive the rest of the way home.

We got to talk to the kids tonight. We talked to them last on Monday or Tuesday night. It was good to hear their voices. I really miss them. Not so much that I want to rush home now. I can wait until Sunday! ;)

Kris and I managed to burn today for the first time. Well, Kris has a little redness on his shoulders yesterday but his chest and back are red as lobsters now! I managed to get some sun on my face and forearms, but that was it. I think the tanning I did for two weeks before we left really helped!

Here are a couple pictures of our lovely sunburns.

Just for the record, Florida drivers LOVE to honk their horns!! They don't scream and drive crazy. They just honk their horns, ALL THE TIME!

Here is a picture of Kris and I pretending to sleep in the hammock.

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