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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 in Miami

We started out the day by sleeping in past 9am. It was lovely. We ventured out to the beach today. The weather was great. Well, it wasn't raining. It was overcast mostly but not too bad. And it was warm enough that we weren't cold. It was a lot of fun waiting for the waves, and also very relaxing. We spent more time out there than I thought we would; we did decide though that we would like to buy boogie boards so I think tomorrow we are going to Sports Authority to get a couple. We looked at Target, but I wasn't sure the small Spongebob and Spiderman ones made for children would really work the way we wanted them to. ;)

Tonight we went to the Hard Rock Cafe/Casino in Hollywood, FL. It was really great. We had a lot of fun. Something I recommend to anyone who likes to go to the casino: anytime you are in a new city that has a casino, GO. Sign up. You usually always get something free. When we went to PA, we got $5 free I think. Every time we have gone to a new casino out of state we get something. This one was the best by far though. Because we were new, we each got $20 to play on. In addition to that, we got a credit for $7.50 to be used for food within the casino. And for giving an email address we got an additional $5 for food. So together we ended up playing on $40 of the casino's money and got dinner for free. It was great! I have a lot of pictures I am going to post on Facebook, but I will post a couple here too.

The Hard Rock Cafe/Casino/Hotel was pretty cool. It was like the Landing in Branson, combined with West Port Plaza in St. Louis, but so much better than both of them combined. It was beautiful there and there were a ton of shops and restaurants. There was a Brookstone there and of course Kris wanted to go in. In the past the only things I have cared about are the massage chairs they always have. I had THE BEST massage tonight. I WANT and believe that I NEED this chair! After 15 minutes, I was pain-free (back/neck/shoulders) for the first time in 2 months. I'm just now starting to feel the pain creep back in, but I went about 4 hours feeling great! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it 'only' costs $1800! However, if you got massages regularly, that's roughly 18 massages.

After the massage, I tried out the bed they have in there. I didn't care for it too much, but I found my pillow. Finally. I go through pillows too fast. I can never find a good one and if I do find a good one, within a month it's lost its shape. But Brookstone has this pillow called the Bella or something like that and it was perfect. The let me lay down on it on the bed to test it out. Problem is, it costs $130. But here's the thing. We have spent a lot more than that on pillows in the past (combined-not on ONE pillow) and this particular pillow has a 4 year warranty. So if it wore out in 2 months, they would replace it. And if it wore out again, they would replace. Key thing is that it is not suppose to wear out! I WANT that pillow. Kris agrees that if we should get it for me. I'm sure that's at least half of my neck problems right there, not to mention my troubles falling and staying asleep. He said that if we can set aside about $20 each paycheck that in 3 months we could get it.

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  1. I got my $100+ pillows whith the mattress I bought when I moved back to the states. I will never go generic again. I have a memory foam contour pillow and I LOVE it! I've had it for about 4 years now and it's still GREAT. At the same time I got a standard puffy pillow and it unzips and there is a big square of memory foam in it. It's my travel pillow. It's fabulous too especially if you like standard shaped pillows. It's proabaly stupid to take $130 pillows around when I travel, but it's too nice of a pillow not to!