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Sunday, June 7, 2009


People annoy me. Well, not ALL people. Just the idiots. For instance, I am somewhere in Kentucky. I know that every state has its jokes about the other surrounding states and people tease all the time about people being rednecks/hillbillies/hicks/hoosiers (not the GOOD, capitalized Indiana basketball Hoosier fan kind either, as I was raised to understand it). Whatever you want to call it, every state thinks another state is inferior to itself.

So I mentioned that I am somewhere in Kentucky. We stopped to get gas at the local BP in whatever small Kentucky town we happened to be in. And I'm standing there waiting for Kris so he can pay for my soda, because he's really stingy about the money-just kidding-I was just too lazy to carry my purse in! As I am standing there, in prances this tall man. Average looking, middle-aged, talking on his cell phone. Which of course (in his mind) puts him far above anyone else standing around. Little did he know the reason I didn't have MY phone out is because it was hooked up to my laptop, working as a modem so that I could of course write down all the odd things that happen to me.

Okay, so there are a few people milling about. A young girl, probably about 20, is holding what appears to me to be about a 2 month old, adorable baby boy. Across a small table from her sat what appeared to me to be an older woman, probably around 65/70 and the presumed grandmother of the cute little baby.

Granted, the mother of the little baby didn't seem to have all of her teeth, but I am pretty confident that prior to entering the gas station the IDIOT in question did not know this. And in her defense, maybe she was recently in a car accident where she hit the steering wheel and lost some of her teeth, or perhaps she does ballet and there was some sort of freak ballet accident or fall that caused the loss of her teeth-maybe her ballet partner didn't catch her during a very critical jump and she landed face-first on the floor. We'll never know. There is also a young girl behind the counter, who appeared to be, based on her shirt, a co-worker of the aforementioned girl with the baby.

And here is the scene I find myself in. This man walks in on his cell phone, saying how he was "in the middle of an altercation when you [whoever he was speaking to] called". The man went on to say how he was in the middle of nowhere hillbilly heaven, and kept loudly rambling insults about the town and how everyone was related, and rednecks, etc...

At this point, I stopped listening. I tune out idiots upon learning that they are in fact idiots and this seemed like a good time to tune out the idiot before me. Am I calling this man an idiot because he was insulting some random Kentucky town to which I have no ties? Of course not. You know there has to be some reason, something said or done or seen, that would prompt me to document this event.

What the man failed to see from his pompous, arrogant position above everyone one of us in the tiny gas station, was what I saw, from my vantage point. What I saw was a tall man on a cell phone, attempting to insult everyone in sight and what struck me was the man's appearance. What do you think he was wearing? A business suit? Jeans and a nice, pressed polo shirt? A dress? No. This man became an idiot in my mind because he had some sort of hat/bandana on his head, jean cutoff shorts, and a flannel shirt cut off at the biceps. Now please don't misconstrue that. If you dress that way, that's fine by me. However, if you dress like that and then start insulting other people who dress in similar fashion, I make no apologies.

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