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Monday, June 1, 2009


So Kris just asked me "Wouldn't it suck if there was a hurricane and we had to evacuate?" And I looked horrified and said "Why would you even say something like that?" I mean, the man has been married to me for 10 years (almost). He KNOWS how my paranoid mind works. He knows that if he says something like that I will most likely obsess about it and freak out for just a little while wondering if there really will be a hurricane and we really will have to evacuate. His explanation/rational for telling that to begin with was something about seeing a hurricane evacuation sign. I'm not exactly sure because I started obsessing and stopped listening and decided to write it down.

Now let's talk about tolls and the Florida turnpike. From the beginning I had looked up directions on Google Maps. And I knew from the start that there was a turnpike in Florida. Kris and I discussed our options. Did we want to get cash out and pay whatever crazy amount they wanted to charge us to take this toll all the way down to Miami? Or did we want to find an alternate route that avoided the toll altogether? We checked the additional time it would add and found that we could add 1/2 an hour and avoid the toll, and it seemed worth it to us, as we would have probably spent more on the tolls than on the gas to avoid the toll. SO...once we got past the exit that took us to the turnpike, and continued on I-95, we decided we would check the GPS in our phones to make sure it would readjust itself and match the route we had on Google Maps. You can probably guess, since I am writing about it, that they did not match up. The GPS told us to go about 60 miles, then turn and take a different road, then get back on the turnpike and it was 'only' going to add an extra hour or so!! Are you kidding me? FINALLY at our last stop (mind you we were only 2 hours away from the resort at this point) the GPS FINALLY matched the directions on Google Maps and stopped trying to put us back on that stupid turnpike! It was kind of amusing. Oh, and there was another 'adult store' at the same exit to get back on the turnpike. So, my theory is that the porn industry, the State of FL, and GPS creators are all working together in some sort of lucrative money-making scheme. Just a theory.

And just to continue with adding a picture to this post because I like pictures and because I can (you know, because it's MY blog), here is a picture of a palm tree. I know, settle down. It's a little exciting but try to contain yourself.

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