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Monday, June 1, 2009

Georgia Hotel Signs

I like signs. Especially strange/funny signs. We didn't get murdered or anything at our cheaper hotel that we stayed at in Valdosta, GA. I say that because I have a nervousness about staying in hotels/motels where the doors open to the outside, not because I have anything against Valdosta, GA. The hotel we stayed at was a Quality Inn and it was nice enough, and better still, the price was 'right'. But you can tell by the signs they have posted around the hotel rooms and lobby that perhaps they've had some problems in the past. Take a look for yourself.

Wash cloths weren't on the list here, so Kris and I contemplated taking one, but decided against it!

This next picture is a sign we saw down in the lobby, where the free continental breakfast was.

And the biggest reason I took this next picture is because due to the sign (which happened to be directly above the bagels), I couldn't help but laugh and think that at some point, they USED to offer full-size bagels, as opposed to these miniature, baby bagels.

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  1. LOL Those are great signs! I share your concern about hotels with doors on the outside. :) Have fun!