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Monday, June 1, 2009

Day Two

We are about 5 hours away from the Solara Surfside Resort, and starting to see palm trees. I'm getting excited. I've never been on this side of Florida before. I was born in St. Petersburg and can't remember how many times (more than a handful I think) I went back there as a kid. And I think that one year for Bible Bowl we went to Orlando. But I've never been to Miami. I don't remember the trips to Disney (Mom, did we go more than once?), and I barely remember that Bible Bowl tournament. So this is going to be a good chance to create a new memory, doing something I've wanted to do since before we got married-take a vacation, on the beach! Here are some pictures of our resort - though they don't always give you a real idea of what it will actually look like once you get there.

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  1. Oh that looks great! Staying on the beach is the best! I am so jealous! LOL